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Body Magic Pact!

S: 11st8.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st8.5lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.62%)
I know I could do with a bit of Body Magic to help my weight loss and just wondered if anyone fancied joining me in a pact to do some Body Magic a week?

We could set individual targets like we do for the SW teams and see if we can achieve it.

I'm planning on doing 30 minutes 5 times this week to start working towards my Gold Body Magic sticker.

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S: 11st8.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st8.5lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.62%)
Yay my first recruit! As far as I know it has to be over 7 days but if anyone knows more please feel free to share. I am off for an 8 mile bike ride in the morning as a start!

Agreed strength in numbers! x
S: 15st7lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.69%)
Count me in :)

We've got a cross trainer which I'm aiming to do 1km a day on (7km a week) but on Wednesday I did 3km without really much effort - so will continue to do my 1km a day and see where it gets me.

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
S: 16st7lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 6st5lb(38.53%)
I'm happy to join in here - I've got my Gold Body Magic Award but would like to make it a "way of life" and get my platinum!

I started off just walking round the block or back and forward to the shops every day or so, and building it up gradually.

Hubby and I have been known to go for a walk, and not come back for 3 or 4 hours now! We tend to walk about 7-10 miles at a time!

I'm currently following the 10wk plan to a 5k run, as set out in the Slimming World magazine (Aug/Sep issue) - hubby and I are on wk10 and are definitely way past the 5k mark! I'm loving it! We go out every second day, along the local cycle path, so we tend to meet other joggers, people out for walks with their dogs or people out cycling mostly - so we can wear our shorts and t-shirts without feeling "out of place"!

I used to go running in my teens and have raced against Liz McColgan and Lyndsey McDonald in my hey days but getting back into it has been quite an achievement for me, all these years later!

I also skip out in the garden with a length of washing line - I've been known to do as many as 10,000 skips a day - I used to have a skipping rope with a counter on the handles, it went up to 999 then back to 000 but the grandkids took it home with them! Still, I go out and do 100 jumps, then go about my usual business for a while and go back outside again to do another 100 - I just keep doing this when I've got a few minutes, it really does help to get your heart rate up - it's such a good feeling afterwards!

I reckon, checking out this thread every so often will help to keep me motivated - so definitely count me in!

Come on folks - get those trainers out - let's go!

Bronze = 45 minutes per week (spread over at least 3 sessions) maintained for at least 4 weeks

Silver = 6 x 15 minutes per week, maintained for 4 weeks

Gold = 10 x 15 minutes per week maintained for 8 weeks

Platinum = for lifelong Body Magic! When active living is a lifestyle!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
Great idea!
I have gone from MAJOR couch potato to doing between 30-60 mins x 5 days a week! All my exercise is done via the Wii! And I see this as positive over the winter as I can just come downstairs and voila!
I have been doing EA Sports Active for 2 months, My Fitness Coach for almost as long, and got NewU 2 yesterday, not convinced yesterday to be honest as it was only 15 mins, BUT! the 15 mins today has left my biceps/triceps/pecs screaming! It's touching muscles , including my abs that EASA hasn't touched! So a combination of all 3 is producing results at a fraction of a gym subscription!

SO! What are we going to commit to?
S: 14st3lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 4st4lb(30.15%)
Me please can I join you?

I have been doing yoga in my lunch hour at work recently, but I have been actually turning up at the gym this week and actually using some CV machines. I have been three times this week plus one yoga session. I was just wondering how to continue the motivation, and now I have you guys!
S: 13st3lb C: 13st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I was reading your post going "oh but its too cold, wet, late... to go out for a walk" then I read Judimac's post about the Wii and I got ours on - just played half an hour of Tennis, Bowling and got v hot and sweaty going from 0 to 420 on Boxing!!

Count me in - need to do something extra to give my weight loss a kick up the bum!

So does the group have a name yet then? Like the Body Magic-ers?!? haha
S: 11st8.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st8.5lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.62%)
Ah glad so many people are up for this! Well i cycled just under 7 miles yesterday which took me about an hour (I'm not very fast or stable yet) and once i've drank this coffee i'm off out again for another cycle, havent planned a route so will just have to see how far i've done.

Well done everyone for Body Magic-ing!

S: 12st5lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 24 Loss: 3st4lb(26.59%)
I'm working towards my Gold Body Magic award and so far I've done two weeks. Mind you, I don't think I'll easily be able to repeat the amount I did last week. My husband and I spent the week in the Lake District and walked nearly every day. We went up on the high fells which normally involved between two to three hours going up a steep slope and then nearly as long again coming back down again. It was very hard work but the views were stunning. In total we must have walked for over 30 hours. It's a pity that I can't use it to cover a few weeks towards my Gold.

One thing we noticed is how much more easily we coped with the walks this year. Our knees suffered much less and we weren't completely shattered at the end of the walks. Also, we weren't constantly being ovetaken by other people. The difference this year is that we've both lost nearly two stone in weight which has obviously helped and I've done a couple of months exercising regularly on my Wii. Also six months of a healthy diet will have helped.

However, I'm not looking forward to my WI on Wednesday as we did eat and drink a lot and I don't think the amount of exercise we did anywhere near compensates for the extra syns (probably more than 200).

So my goal is to do five or more 30 minute sessions on my Wii for the next six weeks to get my Gold. My husband and I are also going to try to go walking at least one weekend each month, but that will be a lot harder as we have to do it when we have respite care for our disabled son.
S: 11st8.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st8.5lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.62%)
How are we all doing then?

If i'm honest I've done nothing since the weekend but am going to do the Mr Motivator BLT workout when i get home tonight. He's old school but he keeps me entertained!!

I'm ahalf way through what i wanted to acheive this week but have until Thursday to get there so still achievable! x
S: 12st5lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 24 Loss: 3st4lb(26.59%)
I've done 30 minutes yesterday and 30 today, so I'm on target. I'm also pleased to see that my weighing scales are showing a bit of a loss since getting back from my holiday. I'm doing strict red days before my weigh in tomorrow to minimise as much as possible my holiday gain. I'm only a few pounds away from a 2 stone loss and I am so determined to get there as soon as possible.

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
S: 16st7lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 6st5lb(38.53%)
I'm still on track folks! Every 2nd day without fail, hubby and I are out there in rain, hail (no snow, as yet - but no doubt we'll see that soon enough!) - we did our 40 minute running this morning with another hour and 20 minutes walking - we covered 11 miles in total today!

It's really pretty cold out there now though, we're going to suss out the local high school's fitness suite, which is open to the community in the evenings for quite a low cost - we might have to go there some days if the rain persists too much! It's ok if the rain comes on while we're actually out there running, but it really does put us off going out if it's raining when we leave the house! lol - never mind, we'll sort something out!

Best o'luck'n'stuff to all of you guys out there using this thread, and well done to those of you who are persevering with it!

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