Body magic!! what r u doin? x


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I do DVD's at home, I swear by Davina's ones, they really give results & I enjoy them. This week I got back into my workouts & gained weight but hoping they'll pay off next week. Even if you don't lose lb's you'll lose inches & tone up. Body Magic is always worth it.


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I think because SW feels like such a generous diet foodwise, it makes you feel better doing some exercise as well. I've just jumped back on the wagon this week and have set myself a target of doing at least 30 mins on the Wii Fit every single day.... no excuses!
Even if it makes no difference to the weight loss it's good for the heart and mind!


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Absolutely nothing so far, but I'm going to clean the house today and get some odd jobs done, I do intend to start Body Magic, honest!


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1st week on plan. I'm due my first official weigh in tonight. Not done very much this week! Been out for a walk after work 2 nights (walking fast enough so I break a sweat). Went for a walk up some glens at the weekend. Going for a 25 mins speed walk at lunch (only get 30 mins) and will go for a half hour speed walk after work before my tea & weigh in at 730 tonight.

Think i'm going to start a Kettlebell class with my friend on Monday and I have a brilliant book called "Run away from fat" which i'm gonna start inthe next few weeks.

Hopefully it makes a difference!


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not alot other than walking yet and digging on the allotment. played on just dance 3 with kids yesterday and worked up a right sweat, realised they have a workout mode on it and its really fun too so going to start that on an evening :)


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I've got to admit I have been doing naff all until after christmas!

I lost 4 and half stone fairly easily, but now weight loss has slowed a little I've managed to start running (i use the term 'running' losely as it's a bit more like power walking with the occassional burst of energy!).

I spent out on some snazzy bright red nike running trainers - they make me feel good!!


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I haven't always done body magic on my weight loss journey and have still lost weight and got to target!

We got a puppy at the end of August and started walking him in sept after his injections and as he's only a pup, we have gradually been building up his time... The other thing I do is I have bought a vibration plate to help with toning


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I've earned my Bronze Body Magic Award and am now aiming for my Silver. I try to do as much exercise as I can throughout the week, including:

- 60+ minutes dog walking with a friend
- 30-60 minutes swimming
- 30-60 minutes on the Wii (games such as Just Dance, Zumba, etc.)

The exercise I do doesn't actually feel like exercise, because I enjoy it. I think that's what it's all about - finding something that you enjoy and using it to your advantage.

Good luck xx


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I lost 2st 10lbs last year on SW & my losses were 0.5 - 1lb per week, that included walking & SW, so quite a slow loser. My husband bought me a road bike & my losses went up to 3 lbs a week!
Unfortunately I had spinal surgery late last year & 2 stone piled back on again! So, Im back to SW & started powerwalking last week & did my first ride here's hoping the weight comes off as quickly as it went on!


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I used to do some walking when I first started SW but I must admit I haven't done any since the weather took a turn for the worse (cold and rainy!)

Our local leisure centre started Aqua Zumba classes on Monday evening and I went with a friend who's also on SW. It was fantastic fun!!
I have the Zumba for the Wii but not tried it yet...but I will :rolleyes:


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I'm a runner, I was a long time before slimming world. Doing my first marathon in may eek! C gave me my platinum award after a month :p x


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I do about 1 and a half hours of dog walking every day , plus my job is fairly physical (only part time), don't have the energy for any else at the mo, bad back and hip :(


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just started C25K last week did my first week 2 today and i finished which is great - also do a couple of abs classes a week and a personal training session. Just brought a bench for home so going to attempt some weights squats and dips each day.


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I'm going for gold at the moment. I started on New Year's day - thought it was a good new year's resolution to make me get off of the sofa after all the food!


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I try to go for a half hour walk at lunch everyday...just to get out of the office and into the fresh air mostly.

I also do Zumba throughout the week (3 times a week probably), first was the PS3 game which is the same a the wii game I think, and then for Christmas I got the DVDs and am working my way through them. No matter how uncoordinated you feel at first I promise it gets better, plus, you don't have to follow along just have to move your body.

I'd go to a class but the ones around me are all at 8pm and that's too late for me to workout and have any hope of getting to sleep at night.


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I've started walking for 2 miles a day on the treadmill with my iPod in and TV on. It takes me 30mins so is pretty brisk. I set it to change incline too to try and mimic being outside a little. I don't exercise until pretty late at night so feel happier on the treadmill than outside in the dark this time of year. In addition I spend 15 minutes on a human touch board. This mimics surfing and is supposed to tone all the core muscles, we will have to see! Thinking about getting some Zumba DVD's too or even purchase a Wii with Zumba Fitness software.

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This is only my first week on plan and i must admit i haven't done much in the way of body magic atall! I have walked to pick my boys up from nursery rather than take the car, which i usually do. I have a wii fit, zumba dvd's and 30 day shred that i could be working on! I will start very soon. x


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ive been on the plan nearly 2 weeks now, ive started walking the kids to and from school, much to there dismay lol, ive been on the wii fit everyday,and laughed my way through zumba on the wii,i have loads of dvd's i can work my way through too :eek:). i think if you vary it every day then you wont get bored...... apparently housework helps you too, not that id know as i hate the stuff lol.
i did have a go on dance central with my 5 year old daughter at the weekend......i was struting my funky stuff, and she walked off in discust.....her passing coment as she stormed out of the room were......YOU ARE TO FAT TO DO THIS.... ah gotta love the kids lol x


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I walk the kids to school and walk to and from work, which is only about 2 miles per day.

I've also got the Davina DVD Body Buff which I did last year. Her new one - Ultimate Target - arrived on Monday and I've done 30 mins of that each night since. Its fab!