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Body shaping pants


From what I've heard the best ones start under bust and go all the way down to the thigh. Give you a much smoother line. But I have no brand recommendations, sorry :(
i had some gok ones they cost me loads but i have only worn them once as i slimmed out of them and they are not the sort of thing you can pass on lolol
ive ne ver really got on with them myself.... ive tried a few types and they seem to roll down and look even worse and feel very uncomfortable.... i hope you have better luck xx


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I bought a set from the shopping channel size 16-18 when i was a size 16, couldn't even get them over my knees!!
Now that i can actually get them on i dont need them the same. Of course i still have plenty that needs holding in but the pants are not tight enough !?!
Havent tried them myself but my friend bought some cheapy ones from ethel austin and said they were just as good as the expensive ones she had previously bought, hope this will save you some pennys my dear xxx


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M&S do a few different varieties, and I swear by them for special occasions. They have different strength support depending on what you need.


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I had some Gok one's too... overrated I though, especially at that price!

I've just bought some from TKMaxx, £6.99 and they do pretty well!!


Slimming down the aisle
I would say the ones I just bought were as good as the Gok ones which cost 8 times as much!
I've tried a few different ones and the only ones that really work well are the Spanx ones. They are pricey and it's a pain when you need to go to the loo ;) but they stay up (big problem with some of them is that they tend to roll down from under your bust to sit on your waist like a big uncomfortable lump) and are comfortable to wear.

The What not to wear (Trinny and Susanna?) ones are rubbish IMO.

I saw a nice vest and pants in House of Fraser last weekend. I think they were Fantasie, but I'm not sure. Obviously I don't know whether they're any good, but it might be worth having a look around and try a few...


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lol i find the trinny and susannah ones the best, but you need talc, otherwise spanx crotchless, for when you need a wee, they still cover your bits though so dont worry xx


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They are definitely passion killers, lol, but I like the M&S ones for under linen trousers or dresses, they give you a good line - I usually get the waist length ones that go down my thigh a bit...
ive got M&S ones which aren't nice at all - like others have said they roll down. be good to know where to get a decent one that is reasonable priced as well


Right Tilly - only one option.

Hang the control Pants and get a corset - great control, great boobs and the promised night of passion won't know whats hit it!


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I had a HUGE tummy before CD and bought myself an Esbelt Waist Cincher after seeing Gok use one on an early series of HTLGN. It made me have a lovely hourglass figure (a small miracle ;)) and stayed in place all night, but the hook and eye fastening showed through my close fitting dress, so I wore a pair of really small Spanx over the top to smooth everything down even more. The over all look was fab, better than I could of imagined, even though pricey and slightly over kill.

Now the belt is too big, I just wear the Spanx and they do a pretty good job on my much smaller tum


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Right Tilly - only one option.

Hang the control Pants and get a corset - great control, great boobs and the promised night of passion won't know whats hit it!
Hear, hear - I'm a bit of a corset queen myself!! ;) You can't go wrong in one, whatever size you are - everyone looks fab in them! If you don't want to spend lots of dosh on Vollers etc., try eBay - there's lots of nice ones there (well, they look OK anyway...). Keep us posted on this one! :D


I paid £140 for my last corset (from a corsetry shop in Glasgow) and now its too big, if the straps/edges at the back meet, its too big. It needs to have some gap to play with in it.

Am considering firing my corset up on Ebay actually as only worn it a handful of times, say 6 or so, and its a rigid steel boned number.
I hate the control pants, as find they roll down and aren't comfy. In the past I've worn a body (like a swimming costumer) from John Lewis, own make.
It was superb. Nice cups that give you a good cleavage and it pulls in the tummy and the hips.
Hard to get on really and helps if you have a helping hand.
Got one stuck once in John Lewis, as in couldn't get it off and really started to panic, but it came off eventually!
Girls Girls Girls...
I LOVE corsets!!
I ahve never ever had the courage until recently to wear one.... but all links for corset sites greatly appreciated...
I have an 'event' in december and want a corsett dress if possible.... I want to make some heads turn....

God my hormones are all over the place tonight...


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