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Body types.


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My brother turned up as I was about to eat last night so he decided to eat what I was having. We got to talking about his diet. He is one of those people that can eat absolutely anything and suffer no consequences. :mad: I can walk past a lettuce leaf and gain six pounds. :rolleyes: It just doesn't seem fair does it?
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That's my wife Colleen, doesn't matter what she eats.


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My boyfriend lives off McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's and any other take away or junk food outlet he passes.

He's built like a twig. @£!/?☻♦


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I definately used to be like that when I lived opposite a mcdonalds and its still now my favourite food. Everone used to wonder how I stayed a size 10 but its all I was eating like 1 big mac meal a day which is under 1000 cals.
I then moved in with my boyfriend and switched to chippys and have gained nearly 3 stone in 6 months!


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Yes, I think often naturally slim people still regulate what they eat - just instinctively. So they might live off crap - I have a friend who eats a big cooked breakfast, then crisps and chocs are all she eats the rest of the day. It's rubbish, but if you work out the calories it's actually well under a maintenance level. Thinner people are usually more active too as it's easier for them. And men have more natural musculature which means their body has to burn more fuel every day.

Of course they may be thin but anyone living off junk food can't be very healthy. And it only takes one physical problem, meaning they do less exercise than normal or get a hormonal imbalance, or emotional problem leading to them overeating on the junk food and losing that natural regulator, and they can end up with a weight problem too.

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