BodyOptimise.Com; Value for money??


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I was wondering who is a member of slimmingworld online (bodyOptimise)?
I signed up originally as I thought it would get me on track and the fee would keep me focused yet I feel the minimins site has given me far more support and advice than the official site and do not feel it is value for money, especially compared to what is on offer at 'real' meetings at a similar price..

Anyone else a member and have thoughts on it?:eek:

From disillusioned Dee!!
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I joined on-line in March 2008 and haven't looked back. It is perfect for me as I work away from home a lot, never enjoyed meetings and like having the 'official' support to hand whenever I need it.

I know it isn't for everyone, especially if you prefer more personalised help and an interactive experience, but it is perfect for what I need- and I know that paying in advance is an added incentive to stick with it.



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I signed up to body optimise when I lived abroad, I did lose weight and felt quite motivated at first. But I found it hard to stay on track on my own and the motivation soon left. :sigh:

Now I'm back in the UK and going to a group. I find I need the structure they give and I feel I'm letting down the whole class if I don't lose. Everyone is different, some people have no problem with motivation and seeing the numbers going down on their home scales is enough.

Body optimise does have some good features but, like you say, minimins has as much if not more to offer.

Good luck on your journey whatever you decide. :D


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I too joined online as I was - no.1, a bit embarrassed about asking for syn values on here all the time, and no.2, cant go to class as Im in Republic of Ireland. Have to say, Im a bit disappointed in it. Dont think its a an easy site to navigate, and even though I hadnt weighed in 13 days, they didnt email me to ask why, so think its very money oriented. (even free weight loss sites Ive joined have emailed me if I havent been on).

Anyway, thats my tuppence worth.


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I always wondered if BodyOptimize was worth trying as I do SW on my own and don't go to classes.... maybe I will carry on that way lol!


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I go to classes so can't comment on the value (or lack of) for bodyoptimise but can I just say that although you get lots and lots of support and information from minimins you cannot fully guarantee the validity of that information.
It's not that I'm suggesting for a minute that anyone would knowingly give out the wrong info but there have been a few "scaremongering" threads recently with regards to the percieved changes coming to the plans next year and most of them are incorrect. Also on here you quite rightly get personal opinions (I'm not backwards in giving mine!) on how the plans work best - for example, those who say bananas make you gain weight, or too much fruit is bad for your losses - these are personal opinions and SW would never say such things!
There are a lot of people on here who don't go to class and for them the support from minis is invaluable, but if you want THE FULL PICTURE and correct, up to date information then you need to join bodyoptimise or a class.

Of course, this is just my opinion!!! :)