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Hi all, Im like a boomering and am back again.

I lost 8st in 2008 and completed RTM and thought I was slim for life. How wrong I was - did I learn nothing??!!!

I'm so gutted that I'm back in this position, I know people around me are thinking "ha, knew she would never keep it off" and I'm also having to put up with the LL 'haters' you know the ones, "dont do that it didn't work last time" (how to they work that out exactly when I lost 8 stone??) "It's dangerous" blah blah blah...

I so want to stick to it this time but am in SUCH a bad negative place and I just can't seem to shake myself out of it. I just feel like I didn't learn anything and that it will be the same this time. It won't will it? I mean, there are lots of people on here who HAVE kept the weight off...why can't I? I dont want to be a yoyo dieter and I'm sure it can't be good for me to loose 8st then regain it all, then loose it again etc.

Wine is my big problem and that of course leads to eating junk. I have a real problem attitude towards food and need to find ways to address this. I don't particularly 'like' food and would eat a takeaway every night if I could. You have to plan the meal, shop for it, preparation, cooking, etc then 5 mins to eat and another half hour to wash up. Yaaawn.

Can anyone please help snap me out of this bad humour?. I remember when I did this before I didn't cheat once and was so positive - I went on holiday, meals out, drinks etc but this time I just feel so depressed - as if Ive got nothing to look forward to until I 'finish' the programme and I know that that attitude will lead me straight back to obesity again.

Sorry to moan but I know this is the best place to come for advice as you've all been there before and know what I'm going through.

Twinny :(
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Your in the right place. Use and abuse us to aid your weight loss. Don't beat yourself up as everyone in the returnees hasn't fully learnt to stay slim. We are good at loosing it but not quite mastered maintaining it. We will all become masters together..... Hopefully. X
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I know it's easy to say but you need to try and think of the positives. Most people who diet don't reach their goal but you did. Having done it once you CAN lose it again. I'm a yoyo dieter and I lost 3.5 stone with slimming world - put it all back on. Then I lost 3.5 stone on my own through healthy eating and exercise - put it all back on. Finally I lost that 3.5 stone with LL and I put it all back on again. I think I finally get it now, I will always have a problem with overeating and for me I need to stop burying my head in the sand. I don't know how I got here because I chose not to weigh myself and to ignore the fact that my dress size was creeping up. I need to be vigilant. For now maybe you and I just need to concentrate on getting it off again and when we do we can't take our eye off the ball. Don't beat yourself up and as for what others think who cares!


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Welcome back! :)

And if at first you don't succeed...

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Twinny I did the same!!! I lost 6 stone put 5.5 back on, through no fault of lighter life, all my own doing, even my best friend tells me I'm daft doing it again, 'you'll put it back on' 'it's so dangerous' 'when you did it before you were too skinny' rubbish!!! LL us amazing!!! But j focused the CBT on abstinence not eating for life so when it was time to eat I couldn't handle it, this time I know where I went wrong, I love LL, good luck babes!!!


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Thanks Pearl its good to know its not just me. Of course LL worked before, in fact it worked amazingly well and Im sure its a damn sight more dangerous to be morbidly obese than it is to lose weight on LL.

Good luck to you hunny x