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Boldness after LT TFR - effects!

Hi All,

I'm on day 10 of LT TFR, doing fine bit of a tired day today! Excited about losing!

Anyhow I am already thinking about 7weeks time, I have to refeed that week as it will be a week and a half before my wedding day which is August 18th!

So I plan to do a refeed week from Saturday August 6th, we fly to Spain on the 11th, just us up to the 13th so easy enough to plan and stick to the refeed week!

After this is all becomes scary on August 13th 50 of our friends and family join us in Spain .. And I can only imagine the party .. I am so excited but scared .. How quick will weight come on?

I think being busy up-to the 18th will stop me eating and drinking too much, so hopefully I will not bloat before the day! but we are there for another week after the wedding to let out hair down so to say!

I fully intend to enjoy all the fun and eating out but I am so scared of the regain, water retention and drinking alcohol so soon after refeeding! Has anyone any experience of this? I just want to know what to expect!!

Excited and so scared all in 1!

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I am be no means an oracle on this subject but i have just done re-feed then gone to work at glastonbury festival for 2 weeks. I did the re-feed plan to the letter and lost 2lbs then when i got to glastonbury I ate whatever everyone was having (you don't really get choices with crew food) including hot dogs, pasties, full english breakfast etc etc, i did try and have salade instead of chips when that was a choice and did not snack in between meals but i did have pudding when it was offered. I also got very very drunk on several occasions and on cidre (carbs a plenty) . Anyway, I don't know if it was the additional work out of daily and continuous walking in mud (up to your knees sometimes! ) but i came home and much to my delight have lost another 2lbs ( i was prepared to put on half a stone). I believe the key is the re- feed follow it to the letter and you won't put on all that water weight on again.... As i said i am not an oracle this is just my experience I think being a little scared is helpful to maintaining your weight after but don't let it spoil your wedding!
Thanks lilac,

That is exactly the experience I was hoping to find out about ... Delight for you down 2lbs that is just class!

I will stick to the refeed week perfectly and then go low carb for the 4 days up to the wedding but there will be alcohol a few nights .... and then it's party time from the wedding day on yippee!

The real party is the honeymoon oh so bold Florida fun! But I will happy so long as look good in the wedding dress! And then I hereby commit full to come back to lipotrim on Sept 25th to finish my journey.

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