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This Time It's Personal!
S: 17st10lb C: 14st6lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 3st4lb(18.55%)

Thought I'd kick off my introduction in French, to be different. :p

This is actually my second post, but oh well; that's me, getting ahead of myself as usual. I also warn you that, whenever I do an introductory post on a forum, it ends up being waaay long. I must like talking about myself, or something.

My name's Greg and I've been on LL for four weeks. During this time I've gone from 18st 9lbs to 15st 13lbs. I want to get down to 12st 7lbs, and then I'll be the "correct" BMI (not that I like BMI at *all*, but still, I'm OCD enough to want the "correct" one!).

I'm planning on ditching LL for CD from Thursday, because I can't afford LL anymore, and the counselling does nothing for me. The reason I can't afford it is because I keep quitting jobs without having others in place, ending up in mountains of debt, and swearing I'll never do it again... then I do it again!

I'm irresponsible, basically, and that's the reason for my weight gain in the first place. Until I was 20 I didn't give a flying donut what went into my gob, then suddenly and compulsively decided to do Atkins when I'd reached 22st.

Went down to about 15st on that over one summer, and then fell into the classic trap of thinking I could go back to normal now, because come on... how can someone lose SEVEN stones and gain it ALL again?!

Then, when I started to put on weight again, I got depressed. This was during my second year at university, so not the best time. I'd sit in my room all day drinking a bottle of vodka (a day) and eating one store-bought sandwich after the other. And not just any vodka - Smirnoff (because hey, expensive is always better, right?) blue label (because hey, higher alcohol volume is always better, right?).

Having to move to France for a year as part of my university course shocked me into getting out of that rut, luckily, and I even managed to get down from 18st to 15st again through my (by now) modified version of Atkins.

Since university finished, I've had major quarterlife crises all over the place - not knowing what to do with my life, missing friends, having no money, etc, etc. Solution: eat.

And here I am. Two years after finishing, my working life and my social life aren't improving, but I'll be damned if my health and wellbeing aren't going to.

Oh. My. God. What a pile of poo all that sounds when reading it back. :eek:

What I *meant* to say was: "Hi, I'm Greg. Glad to be part of your community :)."
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