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Boo Boos Diary.

I am going to start a food diary for myself to look back on, and for any help and tips you may have. I would really appreciate your input :D

Tuesday 12th January

Breakfast - Woke up late.
Lunch - 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, and pepper, mayonaise.
Dinner - Salad left over from lunch, Boiled egg, a slice of turkey breast from deli counter.

Wednesday 13th January

Breakfast - 2 scrammbled eggs, and some boiled bacon bits
Lunch - Tin of Tuna, Mayonaise, salad
Dinner - Will be having Gammon, eggs, and salad with Mayonnaise.
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Hi Becky

red onion can have a lot of carbs for induction, how much did you have, if it was just a garnish that's fine.
Ref pepper (Bell) same applies love.

Of course if you've weighed or measured it and you know you're within your 20 carbs a day then that's fine love.
Hi Jim, Thanks fro replying!

Poop! I made a big bowl of salad and used a whole small red onion in which I ate the whole thing throughout the day. Same with the Green pepper! :(
Oh no! think for first 2 weeks you really have to restrict your salad etc to 2/3 mugs full ! I made mistake on first week of not checking carbs in sausages and there were loads!
erm, there are low carb sausages around, in fact we had a huge thread on them. :)

Hey, we all make mistakes, don't beat yourself up love, it's all a learning process
erm, there are low carb sausages around, in fact we had a huge thread on them
yeah I found some in sainsburys. will have alook at the other thread though!
There is a brand in Lidol called Milton gate, they are V low carb. :)
Thursday 14th January 2010

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs with boiled bacon bits.
Lunch - 3 slices pork loin off the deli with salad and a boiled egg
Dinner - Will be 2 pork chops with sprouts & broccoli mash with mayo.

No snacks today :)

Ohhhhh and I had to weigh today and I am in total shock to see the scales drop 8lbs! Yes 8 lovely lbs! :D
Thanks guys. :D

Heres to another million lbs ;)

I have a night out tonight so know I will have a few drinks.. But NO takeaway on the way home. Prepared a atkins friendly meal for when I come home! :)
Friday 16th January 2010

Breakfast - Woke up late.
Lunch - Was a late lunch, Turkey strips cooked with olive oil, and mushrooms, boiled egg, salad...
Dinner - About 20 bottles of WKD, and a bottle of corkys :'( :(

I am happy to say I didn't pig out at all, when I come back from my night out. But understand If some off the weight I lost goes back on. No drinking for a few weeks now, So I am going to be 100% :)
Firstly congratulations on the weight loss! Very well done. Yes you will probably regain some due to so much booze but it will come off again. This is THE best diet plan there is, I think!
Dinner - About 20 bottles of WKD, and a bottle of corkys
Oops! LOL, LMAO.

Just drink plenty of water and get back on track love. :D
LMAO - how much WKD????
it is hard at the weekend not to drink I think!!
LOL - I know! But hopefully I should have a few weeks alcohol free... I was pleased with myself the next day instead of hangover foods and drink I got straight back on track and drank lots of water.

Saturday 16th January 2010

Breakfast - Mushroom and bacon omelette
Lunch - I was running late for work so ran to the Co op and got 4 slices of beef, with 3 mini babybels.
Dinner - Turkey strips with salad, boiled egg and mayo

Sunday 17th January

- Gammon and 2 poached eggs
Lunch - Chicken salad
Dinner - Gammon with broccolli and sprout mash

Monday 18th January

Breakfast - Mushroom omelette
Lunch - Tin of tuna with mayo
Dinner - 2 pork chops with broccolli mash

Tuesday 19th January

Breakfast - Mushroom and chicken omelette
Lunch - Didnt have any.
Dinner - Lamb breast with broccolli mash

Wednesday 20th January

Breakfast - Gammon and 2 boiled eggs
Lunch - Tin of tuna with mayo and a celery stick
Dinner - Will be either pork chops or mince meat with broccoli and sprouts again!

Looking at my diary it looks like I am eating the same foods, I don't want to get bored because thats when I go off track so I will go and have a look at the recipe thread :D

Oh and in the first whole week I have lost 1 stone! (Anybody know how I update my weight loss bit) :D
Thankyou Grovergirl! I think so too. :)

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