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Boo Hoo

Im already to start 2moro. I bought a vibration plate earlier this year, but havent used it much. ANyway was thinking as it tones, this would be perfect for doing on this diet. So I switched it on, and the base light is on, but the top part that switches it on/off etc isnt lighting up :( Now my son did trip the elecy on boxing day and it was the plug that this was plugged into, they were all on an extention. anyone have any ideas how to sort this, as i really wanted to start using it again tomoro.:confused::cry::confused:
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Hey there, have you tried changing the fuse in the plug, it may have blown when the electric tripped?
I thought about that. But its powering the base unit with the plug. Would it still do that if it needed a new fuse?
Good point, sounds like it may have done something to the electrics within the actual machine?
hi, i havnt a clue about whats wrong with it but just thought id be cheeky and ask if those are any good?
i was going to buy one, im under them impression you just stand there and it does all the work for you, or am i just been to optimistic lol?
I wish i could tell u. I bought it and apart from the odd time using it its been like all d other excercise items ive bought,. But all the research i did looking into it seemed great,. and a friend claimed to lose 2 stone using one at the gym and said when he stopped using it he didnt feel as tho he toned up and lost weight as quick.

apparently it give u the same workout as the gym but less strain on ur body.

if i get it going again i will let u no
lol, thanks id appriciate it, dont wanna waste money, ive had all sorts of exercise stuff here and never used any of them!
lol will do.. Yeah thats me. I have alsorts in this house!!! If I had a spare room I could have my own wee gym lol Oh and the dvds i have. All the ones from last year and most still have the wrapper on them.... But hey this year will be diffrent. I have the will power and this fab site with all of you, so know i can do this
i sooo want one of thouse machines i was at a beauty show and they totally sold it to me allthough never bought it as i had no money to by one and ialso still wonder if it will actually work :S xxxx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
If you bought yours from Makro you can actually take it back and say it has stopped working???

You have the same stats as me.... I was going to start today, but was told that my FIL has terminal cancer so heads now not in the right place!!...
Aww im sorry to hear that.

i actually got mine from a catalouge cause u couldnt get them anywhere then..... paid double what they are now too :( and there all about half the size of this one too lol may invest in a smaller one, easier to store
Yes just had a mint choc shake. It was lovely. shame i dont have anymore. But it will defo be on my list for next week. Waited as long as i could b4 i had it. and been on here all morning. lol cant be doing this everyday to get me through it tho

Good luck with getting ur bmi under 40.
Hope you manage to get it fixed

I got one for christmas (from Makkro) and can't wait to see the results. Mum has lost 2 dress sizes and dad lost his "budda belly" completely within a month

excellent.. well i really should go try n look at it.

Problem is my house is a riot!!! Rhiannon (my daughter) has all her xmas toys all over the livingroom, so id actually be to embarassed to ask my dad to come see it... Will get on to that today. tidy then call dad lol maybe its just a wire has come lose that connects to the base. as Rhiannons always sitting on it etc.. i even thought maybe lewis had used the plug from the machine on his ps3 and that why it blew.. active imagination


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
The first few days are the worst when you feel like giving up, drink lots of water and black coffee (takes a bit of getting used to)... its amazing how much cleaning etc you do to keep your mind off things..

Good luck, just keep in mind that first weigh in...

Thanks. I dont drink coffee or tea anyway. The big change for me is not being able to have juice. roll on week 2 when i can add flavouring to this water

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