Boofaloos diary -Part 2


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I am starting a new diary thread to lose the rest of my weight.
A bit of background for those who dont know me: I'm Helen and am married with 3 children.
I lost 2 1/2 stone between july and september with Cambridge diet but have struggled to push on and lose the rest of my weight.

I have just come back from a lovely family holiday where I felt like a completely different person having lost the weight. Our holiday was in centerparcs and for the first time i didnt feel embarrassed to wear my swimming costume!!

I have struggled with a few diet demons over the last few weeks but now feel ready to get a move on and lose this last 3 stones.

My goals:
to lose 1 stone by my cousins wedding in a months time.
to get into a size 12 comfortably
to overcome my binging habits and to find a new comfort which isnt food.
Hi Helen,

Delighted to hear that you have had a wonderful time on holiday and that you felt so confident, this is what makes it all worth while.

I think it is a great idea to start a new diary from time to time as we move onto different phases of our diet and our life.

You have done so well and wishing you all the best now.

Size 12 still feels so far away for me...must give myself a deadline for it as I was told lately that if you give yourself deadlines you have more chance of achieving them and within the time.

Will have to work it to see if it is true.

Love Mini xxx
Yo Dude!!!!

How you doing today, I have officially put on 4lbs, not bad considering the amount of alchol I drank!!!

Are you SSing or 790?????
Hello vicky!!!!

Hmm now this is the dilemma do I SS or do i do 790? I think with all the extra exercise i'm getting with the horse i'll play it by ear.

Have done SS today and managed fine. Havent been hungry as i've been so busy. Have got the munchies now but am typing away so i'm kept busy!!!

How about you? Have you found it easy to get back into it?
I feel fine today, goodness knows what tomorrow will bring, please about the 4lbs though, thought it would be so much more than that. I am def SSing till 11 stone, only 2 to 3 weeks away maximum and then move up, i need to get to 11st.

You know me, once i have started SS then im like a bull in a china shop, keep going till the bitter end!!! and I will, yes I have had a 4 day break but steered clear of all the bad things apart from Alcohol so maybe the next few days wont be that bad!! (she prays!)

Heres to the 11s!
Proper update for today:

Today has been ok. SS today and found it relatively easy as i have been so busy. DH is away again and I have finally overcome the eating when he's away. I went to asda today and bought so much junk food it's inbelievable. I'm really cross with myself as i dont want my kids to eat like that and it's just temptation for me.
Am undecided what to do with it for now but will probably end up throwing most of it away - what a waste of money and a lesson that has finally been learnt by me!

There are so many things going on in my life at the moment that CD seems to have dropped from being top priority to being 3rd or 4th down the list. I dont like that feeling so will have to make changes or else i will fail.
My DH commented that when i first started CD i was organised with water in the fridge and i knew what packs i was having for the day. So thats my focus now, to start planning and organising a little bit better.
Whats that saying - if you dont plan, you plan to fail? Something like that anyway!!!

I am going to see my counsellor on Friday at 6.30pm which to be honest i'm dreading. i'm sure she will expect me to have lost loads. If i manage 4lbs i'll be lucky!!!!

Ok i need to think positive and remember my goals. xx
Big decisions have been made by me. I am stopping CD!!!

I have struggled with PND since having my son and have been taking medication to help me through this rough time. Anyway over the last few weeks I have felt utterly miserable. CD is NOT the cause but i need to eliminate a few stresses from my life and unfortunately dieting has become a stress that i can do without.

I still need to lose weight and have decided to follow tescos ediets as its a healthy low calorie option that i feel will work well for me rather than such a strict diet regime.
If and when i feel better i will definately go back to CD. It works however you need to be in the right place to do it and i'm just not at the moment.

So there we go. Tomorrow sees me getting myself sorted for the next stage of my journey. I am hoping to stick to 1000 calories a day to start with and see what the weight loss is like on that.
OK i'm back on the dieting wagon as of NOW!!

I have put 6lbs on. Grrrrrr :(

So i am now following ediets totals plan which is basically weight watchers points with a different name :)

I have had a banana and a hot chocolate for brekkie which totaled at 2.3 and as i have 18 totals a day i'm doing well so far!!

I know this isnt going to be as quick as CD and to be honest that really annoys me -BUT i have no motivation to do CD anymore so i cant complain really!!!

Am horse riding 4 times a week and am hoping to start swimming and going to the gym too. I need to get fitter - i feel like Mrs blobby at the moment. :)

So new day new start. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a journey and it will take a while.

My goals remain the same but i am realistic that they may take longer to achieve. Still would love to have lost a stone by my cousins wedding though - might have to consider chopping an arm off to achieve it though ;) :D
Hi Helen,

Some do diets and others do a journey and I am one of those like yourself who are on a journey.

One of the things I have learned which is so different is that if I do slip I don't throw all I have achieved out the window and end up back at the very beginning like in the old days.

I manage now to pull myself back from the edge and each time I have had a slip, I have noticed that there is more room between me and the edge...hopefully in time I will stay so far away from the edge that I will stabilize for good.

Well this is my hope and destination.

I know nothing about the diet your on, but I am looking forward to see how you get on.

Here we go...I am on day three now!

Love Mini xxx
Right I'm back. :)

Deleted my last post as it was too negative and from now on we are having a positive outlook on life. :)

Am feeling healthy and well again after a difficult few days. PND seems to be back under control and i'm feeling happier in myself.
Diet wise I have been a little out of control and have put on weight.
I have decided to stick to the totals plan on ediets and have managed 4 days so far sticking to my 19 points a day.
Have no idea if i've lost yet but just the feeling of being back in control is good. :)

Exercise wise i'm doing loads. I ride my horse 3 to 4 times a week and have all the other duties like mucking out to do.
I am going swimming this week and also plan on going to a meditation class!!

Am going to go and read through some of the diary threads now. It's good to be back. :)
Hi Helen,

Great to see you and I Know how it is, but look at your progress how you do manage to pull yourself back and get a handle on your diet again.

This is what it is about and that is you being in control of food and not food controlling you...well done I feel so proud of you.

I have not got around to doing the swimming just ye...but I am doing a bit of meditation and it does help.

Talk soon.

Love Mini xxx
Great to see you back matey, sounds like you have it all under control x

Hope you are ok. I sent you a text earlier, hope you got it?

Good to see you back, been wondering how you were doing.
Oh my goodness - wasnt going to do my diary thread but i'm just being cowardly if i dont.
I suppose i didnt want anyone reading how pants I am but hey ho if i'm not open and honest i cant move forward with this so here goes.

Totals plan has been a nightmare. I felt as if i could cheat and get away with it so i did. Havent got away with it though and have put on even more weight.
After hitting rock bottom i have decided to SS AGAIN :rolleyes: .

This time though I am feeling positive, motivated and ready to get going. I am not dreading it, am not scared and feel strong enough to say no to the chatterbox which has grown so strong over the last few weeks.

I have had a really confusing couple of months where i've fought against whats good for me. I got complacent and let everything go to pot.

So my head is well and truly in the right place. Food is so last year and i cant wait to get back on the programme tomorrow.
Thanks Nikki. I do feel positive even now when my husband who promised to be home by 6pm because i am going out has just called to say it will be more like 7pm - making me late. grrrrr. No reaching for food though - just a frying pan to hit him over the head with!! j/k
Thankfully he got back in time for me to just get to where i was going in time. I went to an auction so not life and death but i hate walking into places late.
I bought a gorgeous rocking horse for the kids for £20!!! Absolute steal but did have a few fun and games trying to get it into the car. ;)

Today is the start of the rest of my life. I have had a strawberry and chocolate shake so far and a litre and a half of water.
Am planning on having a soup tonight after i've been to the stables to warm me up a bit, then i'll have the rest of my water.
Feeling a bit headachy and tired but nothing too bad. Have just put baby down for a nap so am going to lay on the setee and chilll out for a while.
You can do it, you know the first 3 days will be over and done with before you know it.

It is good to have you back though, Ive missed ya tons!

Text or ring me when ever you want to and pop over if you need to too x
I've lost 4lbs. I know i should be pleased but it's been so hard i suppose i just wanted to lose 14lbs instead!!!!!

Am in ketosis but still feel starving, think it's all the exercise i'm doing. I also have really bad headaches still - i know i should be drinking more water. I am only managing 2 1/2 litres a day but it's so darn hard to get it down in this freezing cold weather!!

Only have a weeks CD packs left and due to finances being tight over crimbo will have to wait til the new year to buy any more.
I then have 4 months to lose all my weight before my hubby and i go for a romantic weekend away to Italy in April.