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BooHoo! It's not fair!!

Why aren't I losing weight? Since I started with SW mid July I've lost and gained the same 3 lbs and I'm only 2lbs better off than when I started.

I tried so hard last week and yet I STS. My consultant is checking out my food diary, but I don't expect she'll find anything wrong, cos she didn't last time she checked either.

Give me some encouragement and advice ladies!!!!!
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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hi like you i am in the same position except in the 10 weeks since i joined i have gained half pound . its not fair esp when you see alll these people losing vast amounts of weight esp when they have admitted to not beein good that week. my consultanted has checked my diary 2 and found nothing wrong but all i can say is stick with it our time will come x:D

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
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Best o'luck'n'stuff guys!

I know how this feels - I've been there too, but keep at it!

Try adding in loads of speed foods - try a 10-a-day plan of action?

Drink plenty water, try to vary the foods you eat from day to day so you don't get bored - write every morsel you eat down on your food diary sheet (don't try to kid yourself - the scales can tell - lol)

Try to plan out what you're going to eat, make a list and shop to the list, buying in loads of speed symbol foods ... and eat plenty of them!

Take heart from others at group! - Let us know how you get on!

I'm taking my own advice too .... I'm not preaching - honest ... lol
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Maybe ask for some SAS sheet for the next week, they really can help. Also logging the food into the online diary can throw up where you might be going wrong, if it is not a free food or a healthy extra it won't let you count it as one. I know I have been fooled in the past by some things I assumed were free ie. Tomato Purée.

I am not sure how much you have to lose, but remember to not compare yourself to people like me that have 3 billion pounds to loose if you have a considerably smaller amount.

If you are following mostly one plan perhaps switch in the other for a mix about. Could it be you have a food intolerance that might mean your body has a hard time dealing with certain foods?

I hope I have made some kind of sense. Good luck :)

Cobweb x
I don't have loads to lose as you can see from my ticker.
I go to the gym at least twice a week and do belly dancing.
I like to think I'm v good and careful and I do write down everything I eat and I'm always well within my 15 syns.

eg today
Breakfast was loads of chopped up fresh fruit with 28g HEB muesli and 0% total greek yoghurt
Lunch was a baked potato and baked beans followed by a mullerlight and a banana
snacks were banana, 1 scan bran, a tiny amount of grapes and blueberries when I was chopping up fruit for tomorrow's breakfast
Tea was egg, quorn saus and SW chips follwed by a mullerlight with a white choc options stirred in
Second HEB will be a Hifi bar with my cup of tea at bedtime.

HEA was 250mls semiskimmed milk.
I make it 3 syns. A bit short on syns, but I think it's ok
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I would say cut down on the carb rich stuff like bananas and stick to speed foods. I couldn't eat 2 bananas, all that potato, and scan brana nd muesli and lose weight. I ahve learnt ovr the years that whatever diet i do, I ahe to be care ful with carbs. we are all different though.

Sorry I have to say this, but you cant be sticking to the plan. You need to be honest with yourself with your diary.... it means you write down EVERYTHING you eat, that very little bit hear and there. Also you need to weigh ALL your food that requires it, guessing is not enough. You need to drink in excess of 2lts of water per day.

I started the plan in March and have lost over 4 stone with a constant loss rate, I stick 100% to the plan. I write down everything I eat every day.

There is a story that goes around about a SW member who said the same as what you are saying, she wrote to SW HQ complaining about her yoyo loss. When she actually got courage to look long and hard of what she actually ate she wrote down everything that passed her lips each day. The result was that her syns were in excess of 55 and 70 per day. Her diary said 12 to 15 per day !!!! she nibbled bits hear and there, pinched of her kids plate at meal prep time, she guess weighed her food etc.

Believe me the plan does work but you need to stick to it and be honest with yourself, the average loss is between 1 and 2 lb loss per week. In saying you started in July your loss should have been around the stone mark and thats without the gym.

I am sorry to be direct , but I'm sure you know deep down the reasons for poor loss. But please don't be dishartened with what I say as we are here to support you and get you back on a winning path.

Good luck and give it another go.!!

Phil x
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I can put my hand on my heart and say I definitely do write down EVERYTHING I eat. I don't pick and I don't eat kid's leftovers or when I'm prepping their food. I weigh and measure all HEs. Sorry Phil, but none of what you wrote applies to me. I am clueless as to the reason why.


Nojo on the YoYo
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The only thing I can think of is, well, eat a bit more? Have more veg? There's nearly no veg in there. I think adding some broccoli and butternut squash to your meals and upping your fluid intake, will do you wonders.

I don't think you have to cut down on bananas, just fill your plate with a bit more veg, kickstart your system, eat something you wouldn't normally eat.

Worth a punt, right?

Good luck hun xxx
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One more point, make sure you have your syns. As you said you are well within your limit, maybe you're not having enough x
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i know how you feel, i have been really good for 2 weeks and only lost 1lb. Im heavier now than when i started back in june (2.5lbs heavier) and its getting me down but i know its worked for me before and it will work again it jsut takes persistance. let me ask you, if you werent eating the way of slimming world would you be eating rubbish? would you be gaining more and more weight? do you enjoy how you eat on slimming world? if the answer is yes then keep on slimming world and you will get there eventually
I wouldn't cut down on bananas, carbs, or anything in fact - all you eat is well within the eating plan. Your food seems to be okay though but do you weigh your HEX's? I suspect you do as you seem pretty focused and annoyed with not losing. Do you measure your milk?
Have you tried a week on success express to give yourself a boost? Or try the superspeed challenge someone suggested.
Phil is right, I've heard that story many times over the years - it's the story of "little miss I've been good"...... not suggesting that's you but it's a funny story that many of us are guilty of!

Do you mix up your foods or do you eat the same food each day? The example of food you gave was good on fruit but no veg in sight.... fillup on the veg.

There is lots to do, your consultant may not find anything wrong with your food diary but there are things you can do to shake it up.

Hope this helps.
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I think more speed foods will help ie more veg. Whenever I need a boost I make a speed chilli: Quorn, courgette, onion, chilli, garlic, kidney beans, lots of tomatoes and anything left in the fridge like carrots and peppers . I always find adding lots of veg to meals and drinking lots of water speeds thing along. I also find that by eating brown rice, wholemeal pasta and generally lots of fibre also helps. Good luck x


Extra Easy Apparently...!
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Sorry I have to say this, but you cant be sticking to the plan. You need to be honest with yourself with your diary.... it means you write down EVERYTHING you eat, that very little bit hear and there. Also you need to weigh ALL your food that requires it, guessing is not enough. You need to drink in excess of 2lts of water per day.

Phil x
Hi Phil. I agree that the plan does work however I am in the same postion as original poster. In my first three weeks I lost 7 pounds and then the last two weeks I've gained a pound despite writing down every little thing I eat (including a single grape), measuring my HE's and being within my 70 syns for the week. I also drink at least three litres of water a day therefore there is no reason for a gain. I think women's bodies don't work as well as men's personally but I'm a firm believer that it will all come good eventually.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
S: 14st2.5lb C: 14st2.5lb G: 11st0.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't get 105 syns a week. My consultant gives the men 105 and the women 70 syns regardless of starting weight etc. I've often wondered about upping my syns to 105 but then don't feel like I could hand in my food diary and feel like I'd been honest.
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There is a lot of good answers in this thread.

Wihtout dissing slimming world (as I love it and have lost a lot of weight in the past) have you ever thought of trying another diet just to give your body a change and see how you go. Every person's body is different and something of a change might help?

For example I really couldnt lose anything on weight watchers and kept putting on or staying the same even though I really stuck to the plan. Where as my mum lots about 5 stones on this diet and had no idea why I got so stuck? I also tried Scottish Slimmers and found it a great diet but came back to slimming world as this worked for me?

What ever you do, I wish you all the luck as I know how frustrating it can be to follow a plan and see other lose while you aren't.

Good Luck

L xx

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