Booked me a holiday!


is happy being Yorkiegirl
Booked it last night and already I am excited :D
We're going to Cala Galdana in Menorca for May half term, just for a week. Its a four star hotel and we're on half board. Not that I will be eating as I will hopefully be in development then. In fact I know I will be in development as there is no way I will get to being in management by the end of May (and I'm not being negative by saying that!).
My mum and dad are coming with me and my lovely girls, and my mum has already said they will take the girls to dinner while I stay and watch telly and slurp my shake :D
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hope u have a fab holiday!

im hoping to go to the states this year with hubby and the kids. back to visit hubbys dad and siblings. i have been refusing to go til im at target (or almost) so we might manage to get out there by the end of the summer :D

its fab u wont have to go out to resaurants while u r there. that ought to help loads!!



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It will be great for you and your girls to have a holiday, something happy to look forward to. And what an incentive to stick to the diet.


Something to look forward to and to keep you motivated - I managed 2 holidays whilst on foundation and development and did not deviate from the packs once!
It will be such a help having your mum & dad there with you - at least you will not have to look at menus with your girls...maybe you will feel confident enough to be in a bikini by then?


Vicki, Fife
Oh thats great, i hope you have a good time. I have been eyeing up a swinsuit that is pink and sparkly. although only taking things a day at time as to whether il fit into it for my 21st in july, im going on holiday for it just cant think of where to go.


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This is great news!! A holiday in the sun is something to really focus on!! It will be a great incentive and great motivation. Maybe you should buy a costume in the size you would like to be in and hang it some where in your home.