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Booking a colonic for OH and myself...they're fab x

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In 3 weeks we are going for colonics. We tried it about 18months ago. Once you get over the whole idea of it, it's pretty amazing actually. I lost 2lbs doing it last time and instantly felt lighter and clean :). Last time i'd been eating a load of rubbish, this time I'm really interested to see how my body is functioning on the inside....i'll update you lol.......not with every detail tho......hehehehehe xxx


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is gonna do it!!
ohh, ive always wondered what thats like!
Let us know how you get on.
I think id be too embarrassed, is it expensive?


can see the end in sight!
my first impulse is ewww sick. But I'm kinda intrigued! How did you get your oh to agree?? And how much do they cost??

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Hahahahahahahahahah it was him who talked me into it the first time lol!!!! He was busy telling everyone and I was mortified. The one friend I told who's a nurse.......thought it was hillarious!

I thought yuck too at first but thought i'd try it once and at that time was so desperate to feel good. Our lady charges £70 per session which is about an hour max. But its cheaper if your buy a few at a time. I can't afford it tho.

It's actually not embarressing at all if you think these people do this for a living and are used to it. Bear in mind my smear is overdue because I hate them lol....if i can do it anyone can. It was so amazing to feel so good after xxx


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ooooohh i've always wanted one of these!!!!!!
How did you find the place to go that does it?
I have been looking into going for one! Mainly cos my bowels just don't move on this diet!! Let us know how you get on! xx

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Yep I'll let you know. My OH found our lady but just look up online where your nearest is. We were very lucky to find someone so good.

We look after our outsides so why not our insides? If you're having bowel issues I'd book one and try it out. Loads of peeps have them in secret my lady told me heheheee. I wonder if it will help with my losses down the line as my system should be sorted.

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Hey Ellie, i've just noticed that we started about the same time. xxx

How's Liverpool doing? I lived there when I did my degree for 3 years. Fab place altho changed so much since I was there xxx
I would be quite happy to tell the world - I have no boundaries, hee hee! Definitely going to book in then. Is it best to do it of a weekend? Are there after-effects that might make work difficult the next day?! x
Hey Ellie, i've just noticed that we started about the same time. xxx

How's Liverpool doing? I lived there when I did my degree for 3 years. Fab place altho changed so much since I was there xxx
It's doing great - totally different from say, ten years ago. Capital of Culture stuff has changed the face of the city centre, which to be fair, it needed! You need to come back for a visit!

Ellie x
Where do you live now? x

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I should have been back a few weeks ago for a 10 year reunion but I was too busy to make it. They were still filming GMTV at the docks when I was there with the weather map float in the water. Have been back there since once. I'll get back one day.

Based in Hampshire now but have lived in London, Dublin, Somerset and now here 5 years.

I don't think it makes any difference when you have a colonic. I will book for the evening 'cause it feels so nice I wouldn't want to eat after and just get the best sleep ever. We may book earlier than 3 weeks, but 3 weeks at the latest. Neither of us had side effects, both felt fab after. The person will give you advice for aftercare anyway x
Great! Going to book one, definitely! x


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I've been looking into these recently. Quite fancy the idea of having one done.. (obviously not the tube up the botty and lots of water bit) but after years of bowel problems (wheat & dairy problems) I think I might be a nice way of having a good old clear out and also losing a few extra lbs.

I mentioned it to a friend but she was disgusted by the idea of it. So would love to know how you get on...


is gonna do it!!
I just looked it up and found a clinic near me that do it for 65 quid!
Think I'm gonna go for it as so constipated. Just a quick, rather gross question, if the poo has been there a while, is it very painful?


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Good on you hon, my mum used to go regularly to have this done she thought it was great.. there is a place 2 secs from my house that do it.. Its not something I have ever thought about having.
Enjoy it x

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Hi Guys,

No it doesn't hurt but what happens is you fill up with warm water and you must tell the person each time when you want to let go and she releases the water. The only time I've heard it hurts is when the client doesn't say anything which is silly. so speak up, if she's any good she'll explain all this. They keep going untill the tube runs clear and then the last time they fill you up and you go to the loo and empty yourself. That's the strangest bit weeing through number 2.... and they put in litres and litres so it's like a flipping waterfall :)

Go for it and we can all compare hahahahahahahahahaa.....delightful :)


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I've had a couple of colonic's in the past. It doesnt hurt and you can see what's coming out through the tube lol. The worst bit for me was sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes after the event when I got cramps. It cost me £45 a session.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I then suffered terrible bowel problems, nothing to do with the colonic, and my consultant told me an enema does exactly the same thing. He gave me a prescription for some which I take as and when, but dont like to rely on them too much.

Good luck
I would so love to have one done, I have heard lots of good things and I am flippin constipated on this diet so I am deffo looking into it. :)

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