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Boo's Exante Diary - Just One Day at a Time

Well I've done this Exante journey before but had to give up because of a stomach bug or maybe my ibs playing up. I can't get my head around any other diet I'm just faffing around and so now here I am fed up and with a box of Exante milkshakes sitting on my dinning room table I've decided to go back to the old faithful - no thinking about food - ahhh the bliss!

I actually can't wait until tomorrow :D hello everyone! xx Boo xx
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Day 1

So this is my first day and I'm looking forward to getting into ketosis, I know it can be horrible getting there but once there its soooo much better :D

I had my vanilla milkshake this morning with 2 crushed sweetners, lovely, well I will post later as I'm at work xx Boo xx
:D Good luck Boo. :D

I would have never thought dieting could be so easy, as I know that I can have my 3 Exante a day, plus water, and I don't have to worry about food at all. Although it can be hard until you get into ketosis, just think of the weight you will be losing, and that should keep you motivated to hang in there until ketosis kicks in.

Thank you Cass, together we can do it I'm so proud of you. For people who don't know, Cass is my daugher and she is doing wonderfully well on LighterLife and has lost 1lb short of 9stone!!! You go girl!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Hiya Julie I know that when it kicks in all will be good so I will hang in there, hope you are doing well you've certainly lost some!

Hiya Joanne, thank you for the good luck! Good luck to you too! xx Boo xx

P.S. I'm struggling with the water today xx
I'm waiting for as long as I can to have my last shake, I'm soooo hungry and I'll be glad when this feeling goes.

I've drunk enough water today and I'm also drinking black coffee which is ok, I don't mind it at all. Wishing this hunger will pass, I know it will but I hate the days before you go into ketosis, I was in the zone for 5 weeks in January begining of Feb and now I've gotta back into it again.

Happy days everyone lol xx Boo xx
Sorry rant coming.......

Uugggghh!!!! Can't wait for bed I'm feeling sooo hungry!!! Roll on ketosis this is a nightmare!

Hungry, hungry, hungry!!! Bahhhhhh!!! And its the totm!!!

Feeling cold, hungry with a horrible taste in my mouth :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Feeling sorry for myself :cool::cool::cool: xx Boo xx

Have you got any Bouillon? You can make up a drink with a teaspoon of Bouillon. I use Marigold vegetarian and sip it slowly on nights when I am really hungry. It isn't as good as an Exante soup, but does dull the hunger pangs somewhat.

In a few days you'll be in ketosis again, and the scales will be going down, so try and focus on that. Why not do something for yourself like a manicure or a soak in a bubble bath tonight?
Thanks Julie I forgot about Boulion so I'm having one now :D I know on Lighterlife you can have 2 a day, can you have the same on Exante I can't remember? xx Boo xx
Day 2

Morning everyone

Well today is another day and I'm glad I got through yesterday. I must admit I've never had quite a hard first day as I did yesterday. I don't know whether its because I've done this more times than I care to remember or I was just having a bad day yesterday, who knows?!

Anyhoo, I'm ready for today and I will be soooo pleased when I get into ketosis! Have a great day everyone xx Boo xx
It's lunch time and I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday :D Just made myself a boullion and will have my 2nd shake later in the afternoon.

My o.h. has treated me to a new book to read - Ian Dury autobiography - I saw the film at the weekend and thought it was great, he had such a colourful life I'm looking forward to reading it and it will take my mind off of things.

I'm 3/4's of the way through my second litre of water and want to finish this by 12.30 as I've got a meeting at 2.00 pm at I don't want to keep rushing out to the loo!

Anyhoo, hope everyone is keeping strong! xx Boo xx
You might find this thread by Rachel (aka Cybill) and others useful as to what you can and can't have. http://www.minimins.com/exante/189296-exante-faqs.html

I add a teaspoon of bouillon to my evening soup and a good splash of Encona Hot Pepper sauce and make it up to about 600mls. It really fills me up. I usually just do this once a day, but may have a cup of buillon if I am still hungry later at night. Fingers crossed you will be ketosis soon. :eek:
Thank you everyone for your encouragement :D:D I'm doing much better today I've still got another shake to have which I'll have in a min. I'm still 100% and it is getting easier, although o.h. and kids are eating steak and cheaps at the minute grrrrhhhh lol

Anyhoo thank you Julie for the link I'll have a look at it now, everyone, keep up the good fight we will get to our targets!! xx Boo xx
Day 3

Hi everyone, hope your all being good! :D

Not a bad day so far, diet wise. Although when I got up I went downstairs to make a coffee and took a glug of o.h's orange squash, was only when I was swallowing did I realise what I had done! :eek::eek::eek::eek: Doh!!

Anyhoo, apart from that little hiccup I'm 100% I've just had a broth which was really tasty and if I'm settled on this diet, next week I'm going to order the mixed bumper pack as I would really like to eat some bars and soups for a change.

xx Boo xx
Day 4

Hi everyone, my day is going ok and I'm still 100% :D:D whoop! whoop!

I'm having my weigh in tonight as I've always been weiged on Thursday evenings so fingers crossed I have lost something!

I've upped my water a little and it seems to be getting easier to drink although I wouldn't say it was that easy lol :sigh:

Anyhoo, I'll let you know later how I've got on xx Boo xx

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