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Boo's Journal - A quest to find a new me

My first entry, a bit about me. I'm a mum of 2 and I've been on every single diet under the sun, you name it and I've been on it. The lastest one which I have just finished is Exante, I have managed to lose some weight since Christmas but unfortunately the shakes on Exante irritated my IBS :( so I've had to stop. So here I am now, re-joining Slimming World on this Thursday coming for the *cough* time :cool:. I know until then I will most probably put some weight back on, so I'm gonna watch what I eat until then.

So this journal is starting a little earlier than I planned, but hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow until I can get to class Thursday evening.

Hello everyone, this is my journal xx Boo xx
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Well I got up this morning and weighed myself. I did this because for the last 5 weeks I've been on a liquid diet and since Friday I've had to eat although I've watched what I eaten, I've put on 3/4lb which is pretty good, I'm guessing to put on another couple of pounds before class on Thursday evening.

Strange thing I'm not even hungry at the mo :)

Roll on Thursday! :D:D:D:D xx Boo xx
Roll on Monday morning, have been a little bit picky today with my food and there's chocolate in the house and I don't want to eat it :eek:

Not sure whether to start eating the slimming world way from tomorrow morning or leave it until I've started class on Thursday, in any case I've only got heatlhy stuff in the fridge so its salad for my lunch and dinner tomorrow.

Need to get a food directory from class and also plan the dinners for the week, I need to look up dinners on a budget, as last time it cost me a fortune on ingredients every week. Anyhoo chicken salad wraps tonight xx Boo xx
Monday morning and its miserable outside :rolleyes:

I feel a little bit of a fraud at the minute posting on here and I haven't even started my class yet :eek: I really can't wait until Thurday evening. I loved going to the club before Christmas, the consultant is fab and the people are really friendly.

Today my mission is to find recipes for cooking rabbit (I know not everyone likes rabbit or agrees with eating them), but they are low in fat and I've got some in my freezer! I've heard Maltese rabbit is good so I'm going to google it now, anyhoo, everyone have a good day :D xx maxi xx
Hiya Cass

If I can be as good as you I'll be ok lol :D

Just been out for a sandwich, ham salad, yummy! Now onto my yogurt, greek lemon yum!

Gonna have to trawl round this site to find some nice lunches and breakfasts xx Boo xx
Hiya Jane

Thank you :D hope you are keeping well can't believe you remember me lol xx Boo xx
It's Tuesday and I'm off to the dentist with my daughter this morning so no work until later :D:D:D:D

2 days until I start back at class and I can't wait, weighed myself this morning and I've put on 1 3/4 lb so not bad going from a liquid diet to food.

Today for lunch I've got ham and cheese salad (its the italian cheese and I can't spell it!!!) god knows how many sins that is, I really need to get a food directory, hope she has some in class, or be able to get on line and look up the syns.

Anyhoo, I'm off for a shower xx Boo xx
Well I've just had my salad which was lurvley!!! I'll have to find out how to make slimming world coleslaw as I love it in salads.

Tonight I think I'm gonna have chicken with rice and salad.

Need to think of some low syn snack foods, any ideas? xx Boo xx

Jane R

Silver Member
Hi Boo,How is Mr Boo? I remember that he wasn't well last time you posted on your other thread. Hope that he is feeling better now. Good luck on Thursday. x
Hiya Jane

Yes wow you have a good memory! Mr Boo's epilepsy is still an issue although he has gone back to work and we are getting by. Before Christmas it was really bad and he was in and out of hospital :(, financially wise we are crippled but hey at least I have him xx

The neuro hospital in London has been brilliant typically it's very rare for an adult to relapse into epiepsy (he had it as a child) with such degree as he's got it now, he don't do things by half!!!

Anyhoo, thank you for asking xx Boo xx
Wednesday and still counting down the days till class (tomorrow). I really need to find out the syn values in low cal coleslaw, either Asda's or Tesco's as I really love it on my salad and I don't want to give it up. :rolleyes:

At least the sun is shining today and its looking more like spring which makes me feel happier, I hate all these gloomy rainy days :(

Hope everyone is having a nice day xx Boo xx
Thanks Cass your a diamond xxx :D:D:D Mum xx
Day 1

Ok so I rejoined last night and had gained 7lb, but I'll be able to get that off soon enough, I'm still 17lb down since the 6th January so its all good :D

This morning my breakfast was a bit mish mash, I ended up having 2 alpen light bars and a syn free yogurt because I was in a rush.

My lunch was a lot better, a ham salad with 3 mini light baby bells yom yom :D:D

I had a right result today too, I was looking in the little book of syn free food and noticed that aldi had quite a large section so went down there at lunch time and bought quite a lot of fish, some pork and some beef and the lot came to £23 :eek: the fish included, sea bass fillets, smoked haddock, salmon fillets, a bag of mixed sea food, salmon florintine (sp?), some pork shanks in sweet and sour sauce, beef steaks in onion sauce and a bag of frozen mixed berries yom yom!!!

Ahhh happy days! xx Boo xx
Day 2

Ahhh well its Saturday and last night went a bit pete tong, but never mind today is another day :rolleyes:

My willpower seems to disappear of an evening and I don't know why, anyhoo, I'm driving tonight so no drinkie poos for me, only diet coke which will keep my on the straight and narrow.

The trouble with me is I haven't planned my day which I used to do before. I start off with a ee day and then up having a red day, so I need to give myself a good slapping and get on with it! Anyhoo fancy dress tonight and I'm going as a hippie!

I'm eating before I go out so I won't nibble at the party, so tonight is cajun chicken and veg, tomorrow I'm doing maltese rabbit stew which is seriously yommy! Have a good weekend everyone xx Boo xx
Day 3

Today has been a good day, I've finally decided to stick to red because I love the choices I have and that I have to a's and b's :)

I had a little nibble last night but overall seeing as I went to a party and drank diet coke and did not touch the buffet I think I did well.

I'm still trying to get into the swing of the diet but I'm sure I will be ok, when I was on LighterLife there was no choices of what food to eat and in some strange way it was easier because you just didn't eat 'normal' food.

So today I've had the following;-

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and grilled bacon

Lunch - 4 rivita with 2 slices of low low cheese and a scrapping of pickle followed by melon and a handful of grapes

Dinner - Maltese rabbit stew excluding the potatoes and peas

Snacks - nectarine, apple
Syns - glass of wine (5)
green & black tiny bar (4)
Oh and a cereal bar for my other b.

Not too bad, not sure if I will lose this week as my first couples of days I've fafted about and I think I'm due on soon, I'm showing all the signs :sigh:

xx Boo xx
Hmmm just had a tube of smarties and they were delish, going on the principle of 20kals = 1 syn then the smarties work out at 4 1/2 syns as they are 89kals, happy days! xx Boo xx :D:D:D:D:D

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