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Booted on to LL Lite!

Hello! I'm going on to Lighter Life Lite from the end of next week so wanted to say hello. It's all new to me as I've been on Total since September. I hope to only be on it for a few weeks and then RTM but we'll see how I get on. I can't quite get my head round the fact this time next week I will actually be able to EAT something! :D
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You are going to need to add some new goals to your list!


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At the moment I have no time to cook much so been doing lots of healthy stir fry's with prawns. Or salads. They're quick and easy lol.

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We have been doing loads of slow cooker stews. 10 minutes preparation before work, set the timer and piping hot stew loveliness when I walk through the door. No waiting lol!!
Very gloomy, everyone. Last week of total and one lousy pound! Bloomin' TOTM!! I just need one more pound to get to 4.5 stone! Grrrrr!

Also out of my comfort zone as with a new group, so feeling generally unsure of myself and wibbly today. Am sure it will pass, but for the moment i feel a bit at sea.


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You'll be fine... just remind yourself how alien it felt when you first started LL. Yet you got used to it and embraced it.
ToTM never helps.. bloody hormones ;)
Woohoo! Lovely breakfast! Lean bacon (trimmed), 1 scrambled egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. Gorgeous. I could get used to this! ;)
Yum yum, mine was LL porridge made into a sloshy drink!:p
Can this really be a diet? OMG!! The dinner I've just had!!! Does anyone else think the protein choices are really generous? I went for 150g total but it was still a huge amount for me. I had white fish, a little bacon (fat trimmed off) sauteed in one portion oil, with red pepper, onion, tomatoes and tomato purée. Had some cauliflower and broccoli on the side. Oh, I've missed cooking and being able to eat the results!!

Only thing was that I need to do a thought record or some such. Very odd, but faced with a plate of real food I had to actively fight the urge to eat it as quickly as possible. Very strange!!
How are you getting on with lite spangly?
Ive been on it for 3 weeks and must admit im struggling. I wish I had stuck with total as i have still got 7 pounds to go but as my councellor says just get on with it and follow the rules as I need to go forward!! Hoping for a better week :D
Hi Kathryn. I'm ok most of the time but last night had a piece of (low fat) cheese with my dinner and just could NOT resist eating it while I was cooking. I wanted to grate it over my food but couldn't resist. First time I've had an out-of-control moment really. Ok, it was weighed out so doesn't really constitute a lapse as such, but it was weird to feel compulsive around food again.

I do think Lite is harder than Total. With Total, you don't have to even think about food. But we have to face our food demons sometime, don't we?

Really nice to hear from you. I was starting to feel a bit lonely in my Lite world!!
Anyone else find that eating food is making them more hungry? Very odd. I am still in ketosis so it must be psychological but I'm finding it quite difficult at times. Just want to eatandeatandeat!! I haven't (other than allowed foods) but its worrying me.


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I don't know how you do that Hun. You are so strong! I tried doing LL for over a month and I just couldn't get my head around it. It did make me feel more hungry and less focused. I'm so glad I went back on Total because I'm not ready for the world of food just yet.

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Well done spangly for being so strong. Im managing to keep on track all day and then have my meal but than have continuous compulsion to pick which Im giving into a lot of the time :(
Mags well done as well for getting back on to total. I would like to as well but dont think I could get through those first few days.
Its depressing how I could be so focused on total for 14 weeks and now.... Im feeling low as we had friends for supper last night and i drunk too much alcohol and therefore didnt stick to plan :(

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