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Boots Hypocrits!!!!

Went into Boots today and was faced with the ultimate hipocracy... I asked for Ketostix and was told they didn't like to sell them over the counter to people doing Atkins as it wasn't healthy... but they still took my money for Atkins products that I bought at the same time.... and the cost of their Ketostix??? £9 + for 50.. what a rip off! Told them they could keep them!!!!
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e bay cheaper and no question s x
Fiver off of Amazon for 50


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
They have always been like that. Not very helpful, some are ok though. Just go to a different chemist.


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lol! Thats the funniest thing I've ever heard!
Yeah I've been told they can be a bit arsey about this before too. Even though I've never asked for them I find it incredibly annoying that they'd say that!!! Grr!

Take a breath, try not to sweat it. Just go back tomorrow, pick a different sales type person, and say you've got diabetes or something. Or do like mustdoit and hit ebay!

I see what you're saying about hypocrisy tho.
dont waste your money!!! xx


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Thats a great idea!
Hee Hee...reminds me of the first time I did Atkins years ago...before all the bars and stuff...I asked for ketosicks and woman said they "didn't want to encourage weight loss through an unhealthy diet...a good balanced diet is the way to go"
She could't answer when I asked why they sold rafts of Slimfast...a carton of processed rubbish with no REAL nutritional value...compared to the totally natural unprocessed food I was eating....ah...that must be coz they don't sell proper food...lol
Thought they may have changed since then...but obviously not!


Laugh in the face of food
I tell them I'm diabetic, have run out, not wanting to wait to get repeat prescription because I'm feeling a bit unwell. It's all complete boll*cks but it makes the pharmacist look bad for questioning me. If they weren't so rude about it i wouldn't resort to such blatant lying but Boots in particular sell their Tony Ferguson diet which is slimfast in disguise, surely taking responsibility for losing weight is better in the long term than creeping obesity!! Butt out Boots!!
Boots rudness

Fatandfedupmum, sod them, although I dare say that the sales person was only doing what they had been to do.
I get Ketostix from Lloyds Pharmacy £5 - no questions asked but please write a letter to Boots Head Office, how dare they traet you like that, regards, Deb xx


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
when I buy them I always seem to want to quickly stuff them away as if I should be embarrased, all due to BOOTS. Shame on them!

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