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Bored... and being nosey lol Whats ur fave shake/soup??


Step away from the chips!
Soups - none of them, yuck lol had to give them up and now just having shakes

Favourite shake not sure, but veering towards chocolate :D
Toffee and Walnut! MMMmmmmmmmmmm

I'm also getting partial to a hot shake with ½ a pack of Vanilla and ½ a pack of Cappucinno, with a spoonfull of coffee in it!.
Ummm my fave soup is Chicken and mushroom
Oh an my fave shake has to be chocolate mint.
i havent tried chocolate yet...

Do you have it hot or cold?

I had toffee and walnut this morning.... now that was LUSH :D


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I started liking all soups then got bored, tried all the shakes, then got bored, tried mixing them up.
I recommend you try all of them, 1 of each until you see what you like. Then try again as your taste changes.
My fav at the moment is toffee and walnut shake, mushroom soup and malt toffee bars.


Busy busy busy!!
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If I have soup it tends to be oriental chilli. Shakes .. toffee and walnut as a porrige with psyllium husks, banana hot, choc mint as an ice cream or cappucino cold with lots of ice.


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Choc Orange - Hot And Cold, Tastes Like Terrys Choc Orange!
Choc Mint- Hot Ant Cold, Tastes Like Mint Areo
Vinalla- Cold, Just Yum.
Choc Hot

Chicken N Mush
Spicey Tomato
Orantel [sp] Chilli


has started again!!
Spicy tom & Leek &potato for the soups. Choc tetra, banana or butterscotch for the shakes. Bars I love apart from malt toffee yeurchhh!!!

I am actually still in awe of the great selection after doing 10 months on LL last year. So few flavours and most were vile; at the end couldnt drink/eat without heaving!!


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Mmmm Banana shakes are my ultimate favourite (have one for brekkie every day)
Muffins - Toffee & Walnut or vanilla (with a sprinkle of cinamon)
Bars - Malt toffee :drool:
Choc tetra ice cream..Yummmmmmmm


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Yum i love the choc mint one.. how do you do an ice cream???

I freeze at least 1/2 pint of water as ice cubes. Crush them in a food processor or coffee grinder until tiny little pieces. Add shake powder plus about 2 or 3 tablespoons of cold water - woosh in the food precessor and viola - ice cream!!

You can do it with half a sachet and 1/4 pint of ice cubes and have the other half as a shake or hot if you want.
Can only stomach the choc mint and peanut bars. Tried soup once and nearly vomitted!!

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