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Bosch freezer red flashing light & buzzing sound help!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
We bought a second-hand Bosch 7 drawer freezer. We've left it to stand for 12 hours. When i plugged it in there is a red warning light & buzzing noise.

Is this because it's been completely defrosted & gone back to normal temperature & not cold enough?

I hope that we haven't been conned :mad:, please can someone tell me if this is normal if the freezer has been plugged out for some time & when it goes to a - temperature it'll be ok.
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I've got a Siemens freezer (same people who make Bosch) and when the freezer is not cold enough it sets off a really loud alarm which only stops when the freezer gets cold enough

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks guys, its starting to get cold inside but the high pitched buzz is doing my head in lol
My freezer has a tiny little dial next to the red/green light and it needs spun all the way round till the red light turns green.......if that helps at all?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
It's got 2 grey buttons, one has super written above it, the next one over is the one that is flashing red & has like an alarm signal then it's got a dial that has all the degrees -18, -20, -22, -24 & then the green on/off button.

I've press the grey buttons but nothing happens & the degrees dial is set at -18 but I don't know how you actually move this as behind plastic...

I guess I'll just have to wait & see if it stops once its freezing

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Hey guys, the buzzer stopped last night thank goodness as it was driving me mad but the red light still flashing.

I put a loaf of bread in there & it's frozen so I guess it's working maybe the flashing light is why the people were selling it.
if its working, i wouldnt worry about a light!

If you dont have a manual - try google to get an answer - i did that when something went wrong with an appliance and found a 'yahoo' or 'google' answer!!!


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