Boys clothes - on the high street - aged 13 - where from???

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  1. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

    I have to go shopping with my oldest lad who is nearly 13 tomorrow to get him some 'nice casual' clothes for next week when he goes away with his friends.

    Usually he's a sporty/chav look and I have no problem buying him them types of clothes, but where can I get nice stuff from at a reasonable price.

    My MIL suggested Top Man but looking on their website, one pair of jeans would cost £40! *faints* and I was hoping to get away with spending a wee bit less (ahem) on just one item.

    He's going away Monday so I don't have time to order stuff online.

    I did buy him a pair of jeans from Primark in a 28 waist, 30 leg however when I was looking in there earlier in the week I couldn't find anything in that size, and even the Small tops would swamp him.

    Any ideas? It's times like this I wish I had girls!
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  3. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    what boout Next or Marks and Spencers, what age do they go up to? New Look do 'kids' clothes now, but again Im not sure what age they go up to x
  4. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Marks's go up to 14, Next go up to 16 but New Look only seem to go up to age 10 xxx good luck x
  5. scotty123

    scotty123 Getting there slowly

    Try BHS Flickback range my son quite often gets his stuff from there.
  6. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Gap ? There's a Gap outlet down here in Portsmouth & there seems to be more selection for boys than for blokes !

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