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Bra shock

M & S are a bit funny sometimes you know I couldnt find a bra in there because they dont do my size. They told me i was a 36 G i was like erm no... I am not. I was a 36ff when i started. I went to a shop that stocks Freya and Triumph bra's and they said I am still a FF but Im a 34 now.
Good luck with your bra shopping in the future and well done on dropping that back size :D xxxx


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About a year ago I went and had a bra fitting at Rigby and Peller. At the time I thought that I was a 36DD. The girl didn't get a tape measure out, she just made me strip off, took one look at my naked boobies from about 4 feet away and then disappeared off in to the stock room. A few minutes later she came back with one bra, I put it one and she inspected closely but not cringeworthy closely, then said that's your fit, you're a 36FF.

I was gobsmacked at how she could tell by just looking at them. I've been so much happier with my bras now that I'm buying the right size. I'm going to go back there in May and get another fitting as I'm sure I will have shrunk a bit by then and I want to make sure I get the right size for my new trim body:D
Talking of bra fittings - Bravissimo shops do the same as rigby and peller and they take you through each step and back size untill they find a perfect fit without the tape measure. :) I was very pleased with my service :D xx
the M&S i went to was brilliant :) The lady spent ages with me :)

I went from a 38DD to 36E. Basically stayed the same but my back went down (should think so!)


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Its mad isn't it...how you can think your a certain size for sooo long and it turns out you are so completely wrong, lol. I am fully qualified to fit bras as i used to work for Rigby and Peller had to go on a course and everything haha..i used to find myself staring at everyones boobs cos i could tell straight away they were wearing the wrong size! Not something you want to go around doing really :D x
Ollie you can fit mine anytime lol :) shouldnt say that but never mind hahaha. xoxoxoxox loves it xoxoxox


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I've gone from a 44E/F (VERY tight) to a 34EE !!
The fitters in Debenhams Liverpool One are absolutely fantastic. I was so knocked out by the helpfulness and knowledge, that I wrote to the Manager of the store.
I'd definitely recommend a visit if you live anywhere near.
Lovely bras by Fantasie.
I've been referred for a reduction/uplift on the NHS, as one is bigger than the other, and since I lost the weight, it's more noticeable than before.
I'll be made up if they do it, as they look like sad Spaniels ears!!
ooooooo cathy if u get refered theres a good chance ull come to the royal were i work and if they agree it will b me or my boss who sends for u for ur op x good luck with thT HUN


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Wow Miss Clare, I work at the Royal too!
It's Miss Tansley I've been referred to, maybe I'll get a letter from you!
I work in the Linda McCartney Centre, I'm the manager of the Macmillan Cancer Support service there, on the Ground floor, come and say Hi!!
Ollie, get shopping instead of getting excited over the bra-talk lol.

How cool is that that you 2 ladies work in the same place. Good luck on the uplift/reduction hun, thats great news.

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