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Brand new start to a Brand new me

Hi Everyone,

I started LT today for the first time, I had already lost 2 1/2 stone with celebrity slim & decided if I could do that then maybe I should give LT a try. A few girls from work have been on it and 1 stands out to me she was a big girl & I had been off on long term sick, I was told this girl was to be my new Manager. When I returned to work I kept asking where she was & someone would say she has just walked past you. When she had to be pointed out to me I was gobsmacked, no way was this the girl I remembered. I spoke to her & told her that I hadnt recognised her & she was rightly chuffed. Anyway she told me about LT & she had lost 8 stone!!!!

I have 3 daughters 18,15 & 6. I have always had a weight problem but it was after the birth of my last baby that my weight shot up. I got Post natal depression that made me so depressed that I didnt leave the house for 3 months. so I sat in my own bubble eating & no excersise for nearly 3 years. Ive tried SW & WW even debated slimming pills but didnt go down that route (been there got the t-shirt) lol.

So today was my first day, it wasnt as bad as I thought. Ive read a lot of the diaries on here & had a look at the b4 & after pics which has spurred me on. I had a strawb shake at 10 a soup at 3 then a choc shake at 7, I really struggled with that one but got it down me, Ive had 5 pint of water is that enuff?

I have a lot of weight to lose & Im so glad to have discovered this site. You are inspirational & the advice you all give is brilliant.

Kerry xxx
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Lots of luck Kerry

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Thanks Jewel, I really appreciate that x From what I read some people experience bad sleep, last night I hardly slept although I was sooo tired. I woke after having a nightmare then felt as if If I dreamt all night. But after I got up I weighed myself and was totally shocked to have lost 7lb in a day, I know its water but OMG Im stunned, Im thinking this cant be right so got my daughter to weigh herself ( she is on ww so is keeping an eye on her weight) she was 1lb down from yesterday so Im thinking my scales are right. Im buzzing but also amazed. Just hope I can carry this 100% on & get a good weight loss at the next weigh in. :D:D:D


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Well done, on ur weight loss so far and long may it continue!! I must say this site is a god send and if ur ever struggling just log on!!! Good luck,

PS. i think 5 pints is over the 2l so should be fine!!!
best of luck kerry, stick with us in here you will get plenty of advice and encouragement and believe me with time TFR just becomes part of your life
Welcome Kerry... Your water intake is fine hun..

In your details on the left i think you had better check your BMI.... I hope for your sake it's a mistake, or you are going to be on LT forever, literally!! pmsl x x

You are doing well, i hope it continues x x
Thanks girls, I think here is gonna be my life line. hahah Su Im stumped "How do I correct it"? I cant even put my height in it wont accept 5' 1", to be honest its not the most easiest site to use.
Thanks girls, I think here is gonna be my life line. hahah Su Im stumped "How do I correct it"? I cant even put my height in it wont accept 5' 1", to be honest its not the most easiest site to use.
PMSL..... I just noticed you are a midget too!!!!!!!

Go up there ^^^^^ to User CP on the left, click on it, and on the left hand side go to "Edit your details".. Put your height in as 61 cos it only accepts it in inches... I have no idea about the BMI bit, i haven't got that bit i don't think.. I hope that helps hun x x

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> running off to check my own details


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Aww, I know it's not right to mock the afflicted, but someone who is only 5 inches tall with a BMI that high - well, you just couldn't help but stare could you? lmao That did give me a giggle lol

LMAO Im only diddy anyway but OMG talk about making urself smaller & bigger all in one go!!!!!! Well Ive managed to sort my height out Thank Su but havent got a clue about the BMI. Im glad I gave u a giggle anyway I promise u havent upset me haha xxx

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