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Brand new to WW- advice, help and support needed!!!


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Hi guys. This is my 1st time doing weight watchers. I am doing it online for ease as I work 12 1/2 hr shifts so getting to a group is not always possible.

I am doing the discover plan, but don't really understand what iam doing if im honest. is it just simply a case of finding out point values in food and then using them till i've reached my daily allowance?

Also, what books would everyone say is an essential tool? Is there anything that is 0 points and where would I find out what these were? Is all fruit and veg pointed. I love my fruit but its not exactly filling and don't want to 'waste' my points on it if im starving.

Sorry for the 100 and 1 questions but im confused and just need a few pointers!

Thanks muchly :D
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Welcome to WW!

You should have access to e-source and that can show you all the 0 point foods. If you go to the points tracker and click on 'find and explore' then you can get a list based on points values. Unfortunately 0 points isn't an option but you can search for 0-1.5 points.

Veg isn't pointed (except for peas and sweetcorn) but all fruit is.

As for how to do it (just realised I've answered all these questions backwards!) yes, you just add up the points that you are having for the day. Some people like to hold a couple back for snacks and then divide the rest up between the three meals. It's a case of finding what works for you. E-source is great for tracking.

Oh and I would recommend buying the Eating Out guide (if you eat out). Really handy! You should be able to pop along to any meeting just to buy things.


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I would spend some time exploring the on line site, everything you need to follow the plan is there is just takes some time to find out where.

I agree with what Willow has said and yes it is about tracking and pointing everything, making sure you stay within points for the week. However, ww does encourage healthy eating which is where the discover plan comes in. They encourage you to eat as many 'filling foods' as possible. These have a green diamond next to them on the web site. But it is up to you how to spend your points.

Good luck with the plan


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hiyer, i just started ww two weeks ago, and one peice of advice i found was weigh-in and measuring, it does make a big difference to the points, also make sure you up your water intake. Good luck.


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S: 11st10lb C: 11st0.5lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st9.5lb(5.79%)
Thanks guys. Yesterday went well I think (!) had 4 points left over too :) Been drinking loads of water which I find easy as I drink loads anyway, so thats good. Sounds silly but im actually conscience of eating fruit. I eat a lot each day and always snacking on it but weary im using my points so when it comes to meal times i'll have to starve. Also on line when im looking up points values of certain things, it says that a portion is x amount of points but doesnt tell you what a portion is? Any ideas??


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E-source should give the weight for all items.

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