Brand of Sugar Free Chewing Gum


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Which brands are ok to chew and will not take you out of ketosis?

I know we're not supposed to chew gum on CD but i have to because i suffer from severe dry mouth due to CD and medication.

I might have to come off CD and try a low carb/low cals/healthy eating diet until the dry mouth is not as severe. Does anyone know if it would be ok to have any type of sugar free gum if i do low carb instead of CD (even if it has abit of citric acid in it)?

Thanks xx
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I chew sugar free gum to avoid dry mouth and have minty breath, doesn't take me out of ketosis. No clue which brand I bought as I just pick random sugar free ones!


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And I get very dry mouth in the evenings and even wake up during the night sometimes because of dry mouth and am thirsty, but I just have to drink more and am fine


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if u stick to sugar free only and go with the mint flavours and definately not the fruity gum , the minty ones contain no citric acid.
i used Extra all the way through last time and since the ketofairy came to visit last night and now i feel like the world and his friends all used my mouth as a toilet overnight i think i may well be using a few pieces of gum a day myself.


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Just be careful with chewing gum as chewing activates the hunger centre in the brain about 20 minutes later so it can make you crave food.

Some people are ordering the listerine strips off e-bay so they get minty fresh breath without the chewing :)