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branston chick peas in sauce? anyone tried?


I ate my willpower!
I havn't even seen these. I am not too sure about chickpeas. Let me know what they are like!
I tried these (accidentally!!!)

I'd bought a tin of each and hubby opened them thinking they were baked beans and we had them with our bacon/eggs/mushrooms/tomatoes!!!:cry:

They were not good with that and it really put me off trying them again.

I did find the chick peas were hard (ish) as well.

I bought some Sundar (sp???) Chick Pea Dahl - free on green - and that was delicious and the chick peas were soft.
I got the Sundar from Morrisons.

The Branston Chick Pea thingys were just to be heated up so should have been cooked!!!

I love Branston Baked Beans though - and hit them when they are on special offer!!!
Wait until the offer comes up for 4 tins for a £1 as it often does.

25p a tin is brilliant value!! You could eat the whole tin to yourself as your treat!!!! (I eat a whole tin to myself for a lunch and sometimes stick some curry powder in as well)


Just follow the plan
Mmm not seen these but I love chick peas so will give them a try, ta.


soon to be skinny minnie
got two cans. one with masala sauce and one with tomato sauce

Gonna have them during hte week and they are free on green!!!
I have just got some of the masala chick peas. What do you have them with, are they nice with rice? Is it ok to blend them up?


Just follow the plan
I tried these today. The sauce is quite sweet which is annoying. I just heated them up and stirred them into some leftover rice I had. Let us know what the mediterranean ones are like.
had the ones in tom sauce last week whacked some worcester sauce in were lovely but needed to be nuked for quite a while because they were a bit hard! were lovely though

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