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I am just interested what your views are on bread??
When on SW plan i try to avoid bread as much as possible, and i truely believe i feel better for it.
Im sure it makes me feel sluggish and bloated, A friend of mine who has lost 8 stone doesnt eat bread anymore and now the frequent migraines have dissapeared, but on the occasion when bread has been eaten the following day he really suffers.
Does bread affect anyone else like this?
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White bread used to make me feel icky but now I only have wholemeal pitta and feel less puffy and tired!myself personaly I wouldn't give up bread as I use it for convienience for on the go lunches and quick snacks, but everyones different! X
I had no bread last week and had a rubbish week of overeating. Maybe I was hungry without it.

Made a wholemeal loaf on Sunday and am still eating it (toasted mind) Nothing better. Feeling much better this week and not hungry at all.
Hi there

bread was always my weakness :eek: always home made (gawd I make cracking bread, baguettes etc :p), when I started SW I decided to go cold turkey initially as I knew 1 slice etc was all it took :17729:. I did cut it out and over 1 year on I haven't touched it even though I still bake for hubby ;).
I feel much better -less bloating, cravings and I also used to get headaches when I ate it.
It really is down to the individual -but for me I really don't miss it and feel much better without it ..and I now can't remeber what it tastes like :D
I can't give up bread, I either have 3x ww brown bread or an asda pitta. I'ts more for convinience, at lunch times. I've never found it to be a problem.


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The only change I made with bread was swapping to wholemeal and keeping it in the freezer. If it's in the freezer I have to actually plan to eat it rather than just grabbing it off the side. I probably only have bread once a week now by making this change instead of before when I could have polished off half a loaf of white bread just for breakfast!


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That's very interesting as i suffer hormonal headaches. have done since i had my second child. hmm i wonder if that's linked with food too.
I have never been a big bread eater, but even more so now - I don't want to waste a HEXB on it! I've always found that white bread (including pizza bases) plays havoc with my digestive system and makes me feel so bloated.

Even before I was dieting I was never a sandwich/crisps/chocolate person for my lunches at work - always preferred soups, salads or leftovers and I'm exactly the same on SW!

When I do want bread - usually about once a fortnight to have with poached eggs and Marmite, I make a wholemeal loaf and weigh 57g, homemade is so much nicer than what you can buy I think, and making bread is so therapeutic!

N.B. All of the above goes out of the window when on holiday in France...
The trouble with bread, for me anyway, is that I have to eat it with a thick layer of butter, or toasted with a doubley thick layer of pate, or cheese, so in order to avoid all of that I have given up bread altogether.
I have to say, my tummy used to get really bloated after bread, but I do miss it.

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