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Break nd lunch ideas?


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S: 17st8lb G: 13st0lb


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S: 10st4lb C: 10st2lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 0st2lb(1.39%)
I have 19 points a day and can really struggle. I find the best point stretcher is porridge. Oat so simple packets made with skimmed milk (can't stand skimmed milk normally but it's the oats that make the porridge creamy so the skimmed milk makes no difference). I add in splenda (or any other granulated sweetener) and a handle of red fruit, raspberries strawberries. Porridge alone is 2.5 points and the I give the fruit .5

Best of all its the only food I've found to keep my mind off food and hunger for at least 2.5/3 hours!


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breakfast is either
an orange chopped up with a ww dessert yogurt on top for 1 point or
2 ww bread and some philly or jam for 2 points or
2 crumpets and a laughing cow for 2 and half points
if i'm feeling lazy it's a cereal bar for 1 point

Lunch is either
a big salad with 1 point worth of crabsticks, prawns or ham and a pack of square crisps for 1 and half points or
big bowl homemade soup, veg chilli or curry for 0 points and maybe a couple slices ww bread for 1 point

i try and spend my points frugally during the day as i need to save 4 points each day for my alcohol at the weekend plus i like to save quite a few points for my evening meal :D


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S: 10st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.65%)
I either have brown toast with light spread for 3 points or porrige for 2.5 points (OSS do so many flavours and it keeps you full up for longer)

For lunch I have 4 x ryvita with low fat philidelphia and cherry or baby plum tomatoes on top (halved), or cucumber, carrot, whatever takes your fancy, this adds up to 4 points at most for me.

for dinner I love a stir fry. If you make it with straight to wok noodles then its only 3.5 (4.5 if you cook with olive oil) and it really fills you up.


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S: 13st8lb C: 9st8lb G: 6st12lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 4st0lb(29.47%)
Bran Flakes/All bran/Porridge with piece of fruit chopped up
Skimmed milk

Muesli is quite high in points (4 on the old plan) but its lovely with tinned peaches in their own juice.
Banana is nice with weetabix thats been warmed up in the microwave for 2 mins (for a 800W microwave)

Sliced banana on a slice of brown bread, scrape of low fat spread optional


Depends how hungry you are

I tend to go for salads with some kind of protein a lot.

-1/2 slice(s) ham/turkey/chicken or else 1 small tin of John West tuna with:
-lettuce, beetroot, sweetcorn, tomato, red onion
-maybe coriander/basil if I have time
-no dressing- if you mix the tuna in with 1/2 tbsp of natural fat free yoghurt, chopped red and yellow peppers and red onion, this gives the tuna a nice taste, healthy alternative to mayo! You could, of course use extra light mayo/light salad cream alternatively.

-John West do handy tuna and dressing packets, I think they're 3 points each on the old programme and they could be served on a piece of bread/ryvita if you were really stuck for time, Just have a few packets in work or bring in just to have handy.

The tomato and herb dressing one is my favourite:
John West - Tuna Pouches

-1/2 wholegrain ryvita or 1 slice brown/wholegrain bread (avoid white bread as it won't fill you up) are optional

-Homemade soup. Don't add cream into it and it will be low points.

-you could bring in leftovers from your dinner the night before, and heat up in work should you have a microwave there!

-try different salad bags, you can get spinach ones or ones with watercress and rocket in them. It just varies your salad up.
-Kraft do low-cal dressings. If you stick to 1tbsp of them, then thats just 1point on the old WW plan. I like the French dressing one.

-Weight Watcher Yoghurt/piece of fruit-if you have a big appetite, this can fill you up more. The WW yoghurts are usually 0-1 point each on the old plan.

-you can put your salad and protein ie. chicken/ham etc into a pitta bread/wrap/sandwich/*small* roll/bagel.

*40g wholegrain pasta cooked, then drained.
Then mix 1btsp natural fat free yoghurt/1tbsp extra light mayo/ light salad cream (I'm sure philly cream cheese would do too!) through it along with 1/2tbsp of sweetcorn and just heat up for a few mins on the hob.
Serve with zero point salad if you like-lettuce, tomato, peppers, onion.

I tend to bulk my meals up with zero point vegetables and cook from scratch too. This is the key to making your points stretch for longer.
Also, if you only drink water and not any other drinks, you're not wasting points on your beverages. Get a 1litre Evian bottle and fill it up in the morning, then fill it up again, and then you'll have hit the 2l water mark for the day.

*Steamed veg with chicken/fish
-Cook salmon in tin foil parcel, squeeze a bit of lemon and dill on the top before cooking and it should cook in 30 mins. The lemon and dill combo would be good on cod and other fish too.

*Stir fry-I don't like the stir fry packs, I think the veg you cut up yourself is nicer and fresher, more flavour.
-1tbsp of cashew nuts gives a stir fy a bit of bite in it.
-Make stir fry with lots of colours- red peppers, beansprouts, green peppers, yellow peppers, sweetcorn, carrot, bok choy etc.
-Mix a small bit of red chilli peppers, half lime, half clove of garlic, 10cm ginger (tiny bit of ginger, make sure to shave the skin of the ginger off first) and 3 tbsp soy sauce together and pour onto your stir fry when you've it served
-Another thing that's nice in stir fry is chicken, veg, bit of veg/chicken stock, and a bit of brown sugar and cashew nuts. Go easy on the stock and brown sugar-1-2 tbsp is sufficient per person I think. (Stir fry the chicken, veg, then add the stock, sugar, and nuts, cook for a few min, then serve with rice/noodles etc.

*Baked Bean Curry
-Serves one:
Quarter of red onion, garlic (depends how much you like, I stick the whole clove in but a quarter per person is fine), whatever veg you have lying around (I usually stick in zero point veg like peppers, half a few cherry tomatoes along with 1 point worth of sweetcorn). Stick this in a pan sprayed with cooking spray along with 3tbsp beans per person. Stir around, then add 1tsp of curry powder per person. It will only take a few mins to cook. Taste to see when its done. Serve with zero point salad/baked potato/wholegrain or brown rice/couscous. Don't think it would work well with pasta somehow!

*Quorn mince is nice and lower in fat than regular mince meat. It works well in spaghetti bolognaise, chilli etc. Slimming World do good recipes with Quorn if you have a look, just remember to point the recipe at the end! :) I actually prefer the lunch/dinner recipes on Slimming world to the Weight Watcher ones, although there are some nice weight watchers ones too. Check out their magazines/websites or here of course.

*Marks and Spencers do good salads and their Count on Us range is pretty good too. (They do low-cal sandwiches, pasta). Their sushi is nice too-you can get it in different sizes-the small one is about 3 points, the bigger ones are about 5 or 6 points per pack. They also do low cal desserts which are handy for treats too-I used to like their "Count on Us Chocolate Mousse Dessert".

Frozen veg is good to have in the freezer for your dinner. You can have it with piece of chicken. I'd also stock some rice in my cupboard too if you want some carbs. Also frozen fruit in freezer is handy if you don't get to grocery shop that often, you can add it to your cereal/yoghurt in the morning. Oh, sorbet is a good dessert option too for after dinner! Or else a meringue's nest with some tinned fruit but I don't like meringues!! Some people like pink n whites for a snack, not my thing. I think Pink lady apples are nice for a snack, quite sweet but still only 1point each.

I have more recipes but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now! x
I have 30g porridge (with water) for breakfast for 1.5p, or If i'm feeling abit different I may have 30g cornflakes with about 100ml of skimmed milk for 2p and it makes a even nicer breakfast if you chop up a bannana and chuck that in. :D


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porridge with raisins works for me....2.5 point of oats..1 point raisins...sugar substitute and a sprinkle of cinnamon...yum yum yum full up tum til lunch time...xx


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S: 18st9lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st9.5lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 5st8lb(29.89%)
just had my porridge raisins and cinnamon...will be full til lunchtime now...no idea what to have for lunch though...usually have my days food intake planned well ahead...but coming to end of month now and not a lot left til pay day...lol...Got my trusty veg soup for tea time though...so its just lunch to sort out....xx

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