Breakfast Ideas


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Hi all,

I wondered what you guys have for breakfast and specifically what do you find sees you through the morning? I'm just trying to think of some ideas and I want to make sure i'm full enough to see me through the morning. Ideally, i'd have a snack but due to the nature of my job its difficult to have something mid-morning. Come to think of it if anyone has any ideas for easily eaten/prepared mid-morn snack ideas they would be welcome?

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I'm having a green day tomorrow and brekkie is going to be 2 slices of ww wholemeal bread, 2 Sainsbury's be good to yourself cheese slices and a tin of baked beans. That should fill a gap!
As for easy snacks, apart from fruit, mullerlight and chopped veg, how about a small sushi pack from Boots or similar? Or some chicken chunks? Is a flask of soup out of the question?
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What about a poached egg on a piece of wholemeal bread, and some fruit. Or you could make a fruit smoothy


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I like a good oat so simple HB, that tends to fill me up. Or definately something with egg.

Or I sometimes have a HB of 20 cashew nuts, I find that keeps me going for longer.

and I find a activia yoghurt quite filling too.

hth :)


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2 weetabix always fill me up. If i fancy something sweet i have toasted wholemeal bread topped with chopped bananas and honey.


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I've been having 2 slices of WW Bread with 1 laughing cow light triangle each. Your allowed 5 a day but I really find 2 is enough for 2 peices of toast!! If your feeling really good, fruit salad is suprisingly filling! eggs are really filling to however you eat them x


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I always try to vary what I eat on a morning. My favourite brekkies:
Beans on toast sometimes with hea cheese
Magic porridge (search on here for it)
Yoghurt and fruit
Poached egg on toast
Cheese omelette
Fried egg sandwich done with frylight
Quorn sausage sandwich
If I'm really hungry and have time I love quorn sausage beans egg and toast. Lovely on a weekend!


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I have the special k sustain if im in a rush, i bulk it up with bananas and strawberries and it keeps me going till 12pm! (I'm a student nurse so often work 7am-7pm, and don't get breaks till 12 in the morning!)


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my breakfast favs are either Banana on wholewheat toast with a drizzle of honey or weetabix with warm milk, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey. I then follow with half a ruby red grapefruit.

Definately keeps me going till lunch time. I never need a midmorning snack.