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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
breakfast quiche on red/ee days? chopped bacon, free sausages & mushroom covered in beaten egg in a quiche dish - cook for 30mins - grab a slice in the morning - hot or cold!
Alpen bars & yoghurt?


I want to be fitter again
Cold rice pudding with yogurt on it, smoked salmon rolled around cottage cheese. Cous cous mixed with egg and cooked in the microwave (lovely cold) A banana sliced on two ryvitas (one syn each) Cold sausages. For one B only put your cereal into a pot of yogurt. If you put oats so simple in yogurt over night, goes really creamy and very filling.
We just had a fry up of bacon, scrmbled eggs and baked beans. OH had toast with his though. Lovely!

Normally grab a sachet of Oat So Simple and add some jam to it or just have some fruit and a muller light.


Is a crunchy mama!
I make porridge with water and mix in a dollop of 0% greek yogurt, that way it frees up an HEA.
Alternatively a scrambled egg with baked beans is a great and filling breakfast. I agree that waking a little earlier to make your breakfast is the right way to go
2 Alpen bars are a HeB on any day.

Things on toast - beans, scrambled/fried egg, or any pate made with quark - mushroom, tuna, smoked salmon.
Just add whatever you want and leave overnight!
Just did a search of the forum and found this -

salmon pate
300g v.f.f. quark
240g salmon trimmings
1tsp grated lemon rind
put everything in blender and whizz til smooth. put into dish and chill til needed.

sardine pate
4oz tin sardines in tom sauce, drained
5round tbsp quark
1 inch piece cucumber, grated
half a lemon, juice and rind
2oz v.f.f. cottage cheese
put sardines in bowl with lemon rind and juice, beat well. Stir in the quark, cottage cheese and cucumber. put into pots and chill well.
Might give it a go myself :)
if u have time, boil and slice some new pots and then fry in frylight- so good with egg/beans.
Quick brekkies, i tend to go for toast, if u have weightwatchers wholemeal u get 3 slices for a B, extra light phili is low syn or u get a mountain for a heA, so u could have half the phili and half the milk allowance?
I make muesli up the night before. In a cereal bowl I mix 28g of Sainsburys Fruit and Nut muesli with a handful of frozen summer fruits, add about 4 tablespoons of Yeo Valley Fat Free Natural Yogurt and mix well. Cover and chill in the fridge (or larder) overnight. In the morning just add a chopped or grated apple and it gives a massive bowl of cereal for breakfast and I still have all my milk allowance for tea/coffee. I don't like my breakfast to be too sweet but if you like it sweeter you could either syn some honey/sugar or use activia vanilla ff yogurt. (HeB choice of muesli includes a scan bran which you can crumble and add to the muesli mix but I find this is too much and I tend to use my scan bran in a chocolate cake for desert at dinner time).

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