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How do you eat yours?

I always have a large breakfast to set me up for the day but i dont eat it all at once.

I tend to have eggs or cereal within about 10 minutes of getting up, then i usually have a banana about an hour later followed by fruit and a yogurt about an hour after that.

On an average day if i get up at 7am i stop eating my breakfast at around 11am.

Does anyone else do this or do you eat it at once and then have a snack until lunch?
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i cannot eat when i first get up need about 2 hours (tea and naughty nasty cigarettes first, I hope to get the new champix drug to stop smoking soon)
i normally have scrambled egg on nimble or fresh fruit and yogurt. i dont have cereal because the 28g is not enough for me. i just like eating, so spead it out mostly!!

carla x


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a fill up with fruit all morning cos a cant decide until about lunchtime what day am havind carla def go and get champix i stopped in january after 20years smoking and its all thanks to champix x


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I don't eat when I first get up either...I can't bring myself to. I tend to fill up on fruit through the morning though and usually stop about 11 like yourself.

Champix....I had heard lots of things about it. Did you ave any nasty side effects Mary?

K xx


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Another late eater here. If I have time I do myself egg, sausage, mushrooms & tomatoes. If not (if I'm working) I grab some fruit to eat on the way to work.


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On a work day I usually eat about 1.5hrs after I get up - I tend to eat at my desk when I get to work. On a non-work day I usually eat within half an hour of getting up. I usually just eat my breakfast and then snack on a piece of fruit if I need it before lunch.


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I have a banana or satsuma and cup of tea first thing, then when i get back from school run, i have bacon, egg and beans. I find this will keep me going until lunch where as if i have cereal, i am looking for more snacks at 11am. For me big brekkie is the key, on days when i grab 2 alpen bars, i find i snack more then end up using all my syns before lunchtime. I like to use my syns in the evening for a treat.


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I experimented last week with having the full works for breakfast almost first thing when I woke up, but I ended up feeling really hungry the rest of the day and especially at night. Instead I've modified my eating times and I start eating around 10:30am. I might have a green tea with lemon as soon as I get up though.


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I sort of split my brekkie up when I've got an early start in work (leaving the house at 6.40am). I have to eat before my shift (I'm a nurse) because it's never certain that I'm going to get a break until lunchtime and getting up at 5.50am that would be a tragic and dangerous game to play!! So I usually have a 2 egg omlette and maybe a piece of fruit before leaving the house then I take a selection of fruit and a yogurt with me to have on my morning break in work. So it's a split breakfast of sorts!

On the whole though, if I'm not in work early, a big cooked breakfast is fantastic, because it fills me up and lasts me for hours, and it also frees up my HEXs for later!X


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I have breakfast approx 7.15am...it either have a bowl of porridge, or toast/oatibix with a muller bio-yoghurt corner.
I usually take an alpen bar to work with met have as a snack around 11am if im hungry, if not i'll wait until lunchtime!!

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I never used to be able to eat breakfast cuz I was just never hungry but when I started working shifts I started to force myself to eat breakfast and now I look forward to it which is really sad!

I always eat either 28g Branflakes, 200ml semi skim milk and a banana or x2 weetabix, 200ml ss milk and strawberries.

And I always eat within 10 minutes of waking cuz I'm always hungry when I wake up now.


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S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
And I always eat within 10 minutes of waking cuz I'm always hungry when I wake up now.
Me too! Im always proper starving when i get up. I go to the loo, clean my teeth, have a wash and then have to eat.

I grab a shower and that after ive eaten but food is the only thing on my mind once i wake.

It used to be cigs when i smoked - i had to have one first thing or i couldnt function!


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For my breakfast I have either eggs cooked in different ways to ring the changes, or cereal with fruit, and at the weekend I enjoy a SW cooked breakfast.

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