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OK...so how does everyone start their day on CD? Its day one and I'm wondering what the hecky peck to do. Lunch is sorted, taking a tetra to work, but dont know if its best to save my first pack until later and just enjoy my scrummy mint tea. All replies gratefully received
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I try and start my packs as late as poss night times are my eating times so I save packs for later .But you will find what suits you best xxx I always have a vanilla shake made into porridge for my first meal fills me up more xx
up and till a few days ago i was having 1 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then another 1 later in the evening, now i have 1 12ish then when i make dinner for the kids, i have 1, then i have another at 7 and ive found i dont need my 4th and ive not been so hungry. so it really what suits you.
I seem to be the same as the others. I try to have 2 litres of water before my first shake at 12. Then I have my 2nd at around 4 and the third at about 8pm. It definately helps to stave off those evening munchies.
I'm now on my 5th day and it really does get easier, just hang in there and the best of luck. :)
I start the day with a litre of water, have my first pack about 12, next about 6 and then I usually have a chocolate shake about 10ish made with hot water.

Good luck Pinks!


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Thanks lovely people.

I must confess the porridge is very tempting, may just have to do that tomorrow and see what happens.

As an aside, I made a ticker yesterday, but I cant seem to get it to stay on my posts. Any clues?

I have the morning munchies, So I make porridge with 1 for breakfast, then a bar broken up into 3 from around 10-12, then lunch at 3 and then I'm done! On very busy days I might have a 4th about 8pm, but not that often.
I have 2 black coffees then i try and drink 2 litres before my first shake 11-12 which is porridge butterscotch and husks yummy yum.. then i have another 2 litres of water then my soup at 6 then a bar about 9-10pm .. along with as much more water as i can drink :)
I'm having all these fantasies now about wonderfully flavoured porridge...roll on tomorrow!
ooh im different then... have a litre of water . am now on my 1st shake at 9am, a hot choc mint.
then more water, maybe 2 litres, then an afternoon hot shake again.
and then a soup about 6pm.
i then stop my water about 7pm so i dont pee through the night!
I'm much the same as the others, 2 cups of tea, 2 litres of water up to lunch time then have a soup, another about 4-5, then another about 8pm.

I also know someone who does 10, 2, 6 so they are evenly spaced, you'll find what suits you, and when you are in ketosis you won't even be hungry.


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I start off the day with a cup of coffee with some choc tetra for 'milk' .. so through out the morning I have 3 cups of 'tetra coffee' which is so scrummy it's like I'm having brekkie all morning.. then at lunch i will have another tetra when I sit down for lunch with my daughter.. Then, once Evie is in bed.. about 8pm.. I snuggle up and have my last shake.. now I've discovered jelly and mousses .. I'll prob have that too
Meant to ask if you had psyllium husks as I think you need that for the porridge and it might take a couple of times before you master it. I still haven't so I've given up.
Well like everyone else I start the day with as much water as I can.
Have a shake at 11/12
Another shake or bar about 4/5
Then usually a mousse at 8/9
Jelly. mousses, porridge, I cant believe some of the things you can make from sachets of "stuff"...OH and I are going to experiment tomorrow and see what we can come up with!
OOpps bit of a boob there with my ticker...back soon!

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