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Breaking Free~ Scratch's Diary


I finally had enough, I was tired of pretending my weight didn't bother me. I decided the only person that was going to fix this problem was myself. I was always the Joker like when I was at family functions and someone would offer me cake I would be like look at me does it look like I would pass up cake? and everyone would laugh. I felt like this way they would think I was comfortable with being fat! When really, it was slowly killing me inside.
The thing that really made me snap was going to yet another family function and My sister in law who in my opinion is Fine not over weight but not too skinny either started the Special "K" diet and she looked fantastic, she looked very toned and I actually dreaded having to stand next to her for yet another summer as she rocked an adorable bikini as I walk around in jeans and t-shirt sweating trying to pretend the summer time heat does not bother me.

So I went out bought a wii and wii active. I figured it was a start it gets me motivated enough to where I am not sitting around dwelling on my weight but actually doing something about it. From there I plan on joining a gym but that won't come until my first goal of getting down to 190lbs..I am currently 218lbs. (it feels good to actually say how much I weigh I feel like I have already overcome such a huge hurdle actually coming to grips with the actual number) I am going to do a whole new lifestyle change drinking more water, eating proper meals, more fruits, veggies and smaller portions of everything. I have not told anyone in my family apart from my husband that I am on this diet. I don't want anyone to really know. I don't want the opinions and outside imput from people that DON'T have weight issues and don't really understand what a true struggle this is.

Day One:
Drank 64 oz of water

Did wii active in the morning (Med Impact)

Ate a small leafy green salad.

Did some housework.

Had two carrots for snack.

Did wii active again in the afternoon. (Med Impact)

Had Tuna on wheat for dinner.

and went to bed earlier than I usually do trying to get a goodnights rest.
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Today I was very emotional. I don't know if it just the process of everything that I want to accomplish, just felt sort of blah. I will not let this let me loose focus. I did pass up a cheeseburger with all the trimmings and opted for a grilled chicken wrap instead :) I was very proud of myself for that! I am going to do this! That's all I keep telling myself This will happen!! I am just going to take it one day at a time.

Day 2
Drank 64 ounces of Water today! I also had 2 Vitamin Waters and Also started a vitamin regimen today also!!

Did Wii active in the morning (High Impact)

Ate a grilled chicken salad for lunch.

had two carrots for a snack ( I'm surprised how much I enjoyed them :) )

Did Wii active High Impact before the kiddies came home from school (High Impact)

Had a Grilled Chicken Wrap for Dinner.

Did another round of Wii Active (High Impact)

and now I am getting ready to hit the showers and Hope to get to bed early for an even better nights sleep tonight!


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Hi Scratch

Welcome :)) Liking your diary so far and you sound truely motivated :) Picking the healty option was a big deal and you should indeed be proud of yourself.
Keep up the good work and looking forward to reading how you get on.



Well I have taken a few days off from posting! Life has been hectic lately. I found out on Thursday that my son has been classified as Autistic. I can not tell you what I funk I have been in. I have not worked out, also busy with home renovations. I have still been keeping up with the healthy eating, believe me there have been so many times these past couple of days that I wanted to hit up the biggest piece of chocolate cake I could find, but instead I reached for the lettuce. I am starting to learn that Hunger really doesn't care what you eat just as along as you eat. If I am hungry I can grab an apple doesn't have to ice cream once I eat the apple the hunger goes away! So I am proud of myself for at least realizing that.

Although a family member stopped by with sandwiches, they were helping out with the renovations and did have one. I Felt rude turning them down. As I said in my introduction post that I don't really want anyone to know that I am on a diet.

I hope to start back on the exercises on Monday, since we are re renovating the room that I exercise in. I am so glad that I found this forum. You have no idea how nice it is to come here and meet a bunch of people that know how you feel and what your are thinking, and give you the best advice that really lifts your spirits! I wish everyone here nothing but the best of luck achieving their goals.


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Hey Scratch

Well done on that realisation :)) These little things i think will help us all change for good :) My realisation was that even if i fall off i get up again and not wait for my 'perfect start' its a journey and its the progress i make when i blip that is the best test on if i will keep the weight off this time, rather then me doing a diet so strict for x amount of months and loosing x amount of weight, both are required :)

Heres to positive mental attitude today :))

Well done again and think how nice it will be to exercise in your newly renovated room . Jealous :))