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Breast size


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Hello this one is for the girls:)
I was wondering are there any of you out there whose boobs have shrunk along with your weight loss. I have fairly large boobs and they seem to make me look alot bigger than I really am so i'm desperatly hoping that they will incure some shrinking whilst on cd

Let me know i'd love to hear some stories xxx:sign0163:
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depends what you mean by shrunk. I've went from a 38G to a 36F, not much of an improvement, but I think they might come down a bit yet

Its just really hard to judge and won't know until I'm "there".

Sorry that really wasn't much help was it ;)

I have found though that buying better bras from places that actually look at you rather than just running a tape around you is much better. I recommend Bravissimo, but recently I went into La Senza and was pleasantly suprised.


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thats cool, im a 38dd and would love to go back to being a 36d again


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my best mate (size 8) now has bigger boobs than me! :(
Mine were 38DD, and they are now nearing 34D...


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Id love to be a 34d i miss being able to buy nice underwear so much and not have tops gaping open all the time
i REALLY need to go get measured for new bras!! in week 5 and ive lost 5inches around my boobs and about the same underneath, im currently wearing a 42F so i know i need smaller but not sure what!!

i was having this conversation with my mate yesterday that ill never be as small as i want to be i.e.. a size 8/10 cos of my boobs but fingers crossed they might keep shrinking:)
mine have gone from 38e to 34e ... which i am little upset by as i loved having smaller boobs and was hoping the cup size would go down :( , i went bra shopping in debenhams yesterday and couldnt fine one bra my new size .... i dream of being a 32b or c ..that would be ideal for me at my height and make me look smaller ....who would pay for big boobs lol
I'm a 42 J and have found lovely bra's with shapelyfigures which you can buy from online. they also have a catalogue. they actually go to a K cup and have an excellent choice for all
i know how you feel about boobs, i have lost nearly three stone and im still a G cup. if my boobs shrank id be in size 12 tops by now but im squeezing into 14's/16's
went from a 44G to a 34G and i really thought that i would drop a few cup sizes. im now not sure if they will drop! x x
Hey thats really weird - I went to Debenhams yesterday cos I needed an urgent underwear remedy for my boobies which were just about reaching my knees! They have specialist fitting ladies and one helped me to choose the perfect bra - it was nothing like the size I thought I needed so I'd strongly recommend you go along to a shop where someone can help you get kitted out properly. By the way, I've gone down from a 40H to a 36G in 3 weeks - thats boobtastic cos I hate having big ones!!!!! xxx


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I am currently a 36L which is the biggest bra I could find on the net and luckily it fits, I am praying that I will lose weight off my boobs. I completely understand what people with big boobs go through, for me its a nightmare, esp when I want to be free from the wretched bra, without the bra they would prob be on the floor sorry tmi :(

If i had the money i would have a boob job after i lose the weight get them lifted and reduced......girls who want big boobs baffle me but I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side eh?
not sure if much help but when i lost weight a few years back with ww, went from 40 dd to 34b/c so should loose some. on cd ss 2nd day, not doing too bad, good luck. lisa x


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Sometimes I wish mine were a little bigger. Years ago I had really big boobs, nothing to do with weight becasue I was a size 10-12. I was 36GG. My boobs made me look bigger than what I was. I had a breast reduction 7 years ago and it is the best thing I have ever done. I went to 36B which is a big reduction. However, as I started to put weight on my belly was bigger than my boobs lol. I still love having smaller boobs but I think clothes hang much better when you've got a bit more on top. Maybe when I lose a bit more weight they will begin to look a bit bigger again.


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I've always had big boobs, so am used to them. Before I had my babies I was a 30EE. I went up to a 32G....
I'm now half a stonish from pre preg weight & they are a 30FF.... I doubt they will go down much more....
I love the Freya bra's as they fit so nice & give you lots of support.
I also find Selfridges the best place to get measured.... Imo Debenhams & M&S never measure you right....


Skinny girl in a fat body
I love the Freya bra's as they fit so nice & give you lots of support.

Imo Debenhams & M&S never measure you right....
I have just bought a Freya bikini, its lush. And must admit I agree with you about M&S. Everyone used to rave about how good they were and to be honest, I always came out with a different size. I wouldn't go there to be measured now and I prefer John Lewis.
12 weeks ago I was bursting out of a 40DD bra. When I measured myself last week I should be in a 38B! Going to put up with the old bras for the time being, just tightening the straps until they're no good-but will get measured properly soon I think. (and again when I've finished)


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i hated my boobs although my OH loved them, i have gone from a 44f to a 38e i was so excited, i couldnt remember the last time i was below a 40, and it was great that at last I could buy some new sexy underwear

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