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Bren's..... Cruise-ade


is going to loose!

Hi all, everyone has a diary and I have one over on another board but feel quite a home with being here in the Dukan thread. So here is a littl about me.....

A very long time ago when i was 18 I turned vegetarian and began a 4 year journey which saw me loose about 16k'gs (35lbs). I use to weigh 96kg's back then. At 21 I met my husband and at 22 we travelled for a few months through Europe and UK (he's English born). Then at about 23 I began to loose again as I was truly sick of only being half way through a journey.

All through calorie counting and exercise I lost more kg's and got down to 66kg's in roughly about 3 months (loss of about another 14kg's/31lbs. I managed to keep this off for a couple of year and then driving over and hour (one way to work) began to cut into my gym time. And being a beginning teacher I was coming home to do prep work and not going to the gym.

Then my dad passed and I think I began keeping myself busy all the time but to tell you the truth even though I was not eating bad foods, I still was not exercising. So very sad for a year or two and think I managed to convince my body to stop working for me (in terms of calorie counting and exercise) as what ever I did that worked in the past was not going to now.

So after 2 years of this about 28 I went and did a program called Dr Cohen's similar to SureSlim, and got down to 66 again from 79kg. During my refeed I got hives and had to go on steriods which saw me gain 6kg's in 1 week! I got very depressed about this weight gain and really began yo yoing for the past 3/4 years. Having some success....77 down to 70 for a holiday then back up to 74, 76, 78 and down to 75 then this year after our holiday I went up to 78.9kg's.

Ive managed to get to 76.7kg on my own over 3 months. During this year I have sold a house, bought a new one, house sat a friends house, taken a job promotion... my nan died (crazy year). Anyways it's been 6 weeks in our new house and I feel really settled in life and my head is in a better place with dieting.

For a few years there I would not go out to social events with friend because I did not want to eat or drink food that was out of my control. I have since learned that this approach is very damaging, so I began doing WW. Which really helped more with my mind than with the scales.

So being an a happier place with my thoughts on food and if I want to have a 'meal off' that's ok because that's what people do, it's life.

Now having started Dukan I am finding the weight is moving again and I find it relatively easy. I dont plan to make a habit of going off track but have decided it best to do 2 PP days if i have a meal off.

Long post but basically this is me and my bio of dieting history. Chuffed about my first WI and loosing 5.3lbs with Dukan and judging from many of your results this diet works and I'm looking forward to being much lighter in a months time when my mum flys over to visit. No idea what to do for these 2 weeks.... yet.

Thanks for listening and all the support Ive had this week and know you gorgeous peeps will offer me along the way.

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The longer the better where I'm concerned! Great to read your dieting history which I see is pretty long (as is mine - most of my life!)... I did write you a paragraph about "days off" on the weigh in thread... which I'll copy here for your perusal and thought...

As you know, I've been your stalker (hihi) for a while now on another thread, and there is a pattern to your yoyoing as you probably recognise yourself. It's when you go out that you have a problem. I have no idea as to what sort of foods you can find in restaurants in Australia but one tip I'd have for you is to check out menus of places you might eat before going. Tell your other half, or whoever, what you're having when you arrive, and let them order for you. Easy peasy! The Dukan diet needn't be an end to one's social life but, each and every deviation will impact not only the speed of your weight loss, but as it'll doubtlessly bring you out of ketosis, it'll be a pain each time to get back in. Soooo... make this diet your last (like me, ho hum!), and try to think ahead... us serial dieters have to get smarter as we get older...
i there bren well done on starting ur diet and it really gives us all an insight to the real u .... thank you !!!


is going to loose!
Thanks Jet and jaqys!

Ta Jo xx.

Another morning and another PP day! Off to get ready for work.


is going to loose!
Just found another pair of trousers, that fit, to wear today. Is anyone else guilty of buying clothes a little tight and saying of no worries I'll loose a kilo or two and try will fit next week?! I have soo many items in my wardrobe with tags on and not worn.....
ive got a case of clothes hun xxx
this time though i have thrown away the clothes that get too big as i refuse to go back to them !!!!!
ive a velvet jacket thats a size 12 its 13 yrs old and in great condition I WILL GET IN TO IT


is going to loose!
I do the same. Hate keeping ok big clothes. Tried on a strapless dress in my wardrobe this morning, I bought it last january.


is going to loose!
A busy day today at work. All I can think about is next weeks WI and how much I might loose. LOL! No seriously this crosses my mind several times a day.

Have only drunk 600ml of water and it's 1.30pm!! So will guzzle another bottle during my last 2 classes.

Looking forward to tomorrow as I have my hair appt after work (I hate regrowth).
Just found another pair of trousers, that fit, to wear today. Is anyone else guilty of buying clothes a little tight and saying of no worries I'll loose a kilo or two and try will fit next week?! I have soo many items in my wardrobe with tags on and not worn.....
Oh Bren, My wardrobe is soooo full and has a range of sizing its stupid. Its like a mini Target!! Honestly if I have family over its just *Oh we'll wear vicki's clothes, She has so much....LOL* and they turn up from Overseas bagless!!

Thank you for sharing your story, I like reading thing like that , You get to *know* someone a little more :)


is going to loose!
Up nice and early this morning and on the exercise bike for 20 mins before I start getting ready for work.

Yay it's Friday! Hair appt tonight, thank god. Also find out if I will be Year 11 coordinator for the next 3 years.
sounds interesting Bren yr 11s hard work id of thought
years ago me and kay worked with kids but she can tell you about it if she wants !!!
Im taking my eldest to a possible new secondry school , to look round in the morning . The one nearest to us is an arts school and the one we are seeing is a specialist maths and ICT school which is more up his street .....it means i have to drive further each day , but he can make the choice of schools and i know he will be happy if he choses

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