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Bride to be help please!!

hi everyone!

I hope i have done this right as this is my first time posting a thread on this website:p

I am getting married in september 2012 and need to lose 7 stone:cry: i am finding it really hard to get motivated and I am starting to worry that I will never lose the weight.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to be a weight loss buddy with me or can offer any advice about how to get through the first few months on SW which should get me back on track!

Thanks guys:eek:
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Congratulations on getting married I bet youre so excited!!! (Ive been with my partner 10 years and still waiting for the question lol!!!)

Well done on making the first step and joining here. Are you or have you joined a group yet? I am following the plan from home and have my first weigh in on sunday.

I previously attended group and lost over 2 stone so I know that the plan works and its really flexible!!

Take the time to read the books, get to know the plan, plan, plan, plan lol and enjoy it!!

We are all here for you and we can do it together - plus you have a fab goal to work towards!!

Theres lots of support on here and some people with AMAZING losses that have been a real insperation to me and others and theres always someone who can answer your questions, offer advice and generally have a laugh with!

Good luck! :D x
Thank you for the support :) im not joining a group, i am doing it from home using the online resource :) will weigh myself tonight and start tomorrow and really try to stick to it. Since my dad suddenly passed away last year food has been a big comfort for me and so I need to break that habit!

I appreciate the support! :)


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Hi Sam

Congratulations on your good news :love047: and well done on joining up, this Forum is great for help and advice.

My main tip would be to break your weight loss down into smaller amounts. Take every 7lbs for example, and treat it as an individual acheivement :D:D

Planning is key, as it can get repetitive if you rely on the same foods, and it makes it easier to fall back into old habits....check out the recipes on here.

Don't get disheartened if you fall of the wagon:eek:! It happens. Make sure it was worth it and get back on track the next day.

Good luck to you, i'm hope you acheive your goals


One day at a time and remember to plan. Thats the key for me. Also variety. Sometimes its easy to get stuck in a rut, eat the same foods then get bored and want to 'binge' etc etc. theres some fab recepies on here too if you like cooking and baking etc.

Make sure you keep in touch and congrats on taking the first steps! x


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Hello fellow B2B! my wedding is 6 months to go - so i know what its like!!!!

Why do you 'need' to lose 7 stone....dont set yourself too big a goal. I had 7 stone to lose when i started and i am now nearly at 4.5 gone.....it has taken me ages, but i know people who have been 100% much more often than me and they are picking up the 7 stone awards now - and thats some going!!!!!

Just go for your first 7 - and enjoy losing the weight, before you know it then that first sticker will have MANY more (Club 10, Slimmer of the week, 2 stones etc!!!)

I would say if you can get to a class that the support there might be a good idea - esp if you are an emotional eater. If you gain at home, you are likely to turn to food, but in group they will help you keep the focus.

Oh and congratulations - have you started all your planning yet??


I was a size 22/24 and i have ordered my wedding dress in a US size 12. I can not begin to tell you how that feels - i nearly cried in the shop. Oh - and it doesnt fit yet - i still have a lot left to lose!!!



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Hello! I am also getting married in 2012!!! Congratulations!

I started on a food replacement diet in January, with 8stone to lose. I am now 3.5stone down, and started SE yesterday.

My advice to you would be....
- set up a diary - use it when you are happy, when you are struggling. It will be a great tool for you to read back on
- drink lots of water. It helps with the weightloss (as well as making your skin look great in photos!)
- post here whenever you have a question. Someone will have the answer
- write yourself a list of the the reasons why you wild like to lose weight. Keep a copy in your handbag, and read it everyday to keep you on track
- I am also a huge believer in the Beck Diet solution. It's a great book that deals with the mental side of losing weight. For the first time in my life I believe I will lose weight and maintain it! (read the reviews on Amazon)
- finally.....everytime you are slightly tempted to go off plan.....think about standing at the top of the aisle. Think about how great you look and feel. Then repeat the exercise, thinking about walking down the aisle at your current weight. This works for me everytime!

Read through the great recipe threads and food diaries to get some ideas.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for your support! i was just about to go off the rails on day one and go to kfc for lunch! (doing my typical thing of..."i'll start tomorrow instead"). But i decided to take a look om here first and sure enough your comments have worked magic and i am now munching on carrot stick and downing water :)

ellebear, you have done so amazingly well. You must feel amazing! I have always been around the 13 stone mark but since my dad died last year i have gained 5 stone! so now at aorund 18 stone i feel that I do want to lose 7 stone but I also understand what you said about aiming for smaller goals in between :) xx

jayellekay, i have taken a look at that book and it looks really interesting and so i have ordered it and will give it a go!

Once again, thank you for your support, you saved my dieting life today!

Good for you for making a heealthy choice and staying on track, its so easy to think 'I'll begin tomorrow' - but it NEVER arrives. TODAY is the day.

If you look in the recipe section theres one for KFC chicken and its just like the real thing so you dont need to feel like you've missed out or youre depriving yourself. x
thank you - as i said, i have been on the scenic route, but now i am working my socks off to fit into my wedding dress now (motivation is the price of the dress!!!! haha)

Keep us updated on how you are getting along - there is a team in the Team Section on here called OBG (Operation Bridal Gown) loads of brides, bridesmaids, MOH's and MOB's in there!!!! Come and join us!!! xxx
samcxx i'm a 2012 bride too! Congratulations. I'll be happy to drop a couple of dress sizes for the big day.
I was trying to diet (not sw) on my own, but as much as i wanted too, i couldn't get the willpower. Going to group (as much as i wasnt sure!) has helped me so much.
I always do a weekly meal plan (not my log) and plan what meals im having when. Helps with shopping and keeps me on track.
Good luck!
hey charlie 178 :) well done you! yeh i am not sure about whether to go back to slimming world or not. I feel really embarrased because i have signed up about 3 times this year then stopped going! may think about joining a different group perhaps x


this time - the last time
samcxx said:
oh! can i ask you all what you do for a living? just wondering if my desk job is too seditary and if i should be exercising! x
Well if your desk job is anything like mine - its VERY sedentary!
I do power plate classes four times a week (which are really changing my shape! Yay!) I also started the couch to 5k programme. I've not stuck to it though, so need to start again. I'm thinking tomorrow!

I'm only 5ft, and after calculating my BMR yesterday have realised I am going to have to learn to love exercise! Thereafter no way I'll maintain my target weight otherwise!

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