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bridesmaid stress


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Oh no if she's stressing you that much and your wishing you'd not even invited her to the wedding then tell her you don't want her to be a bridesmaid anymore, explain why you feel like you do. I know it's not a very nice thing to have to do but it's your day and if she's a real friend she'll understand - or will do after a while!!
It would be very hard because she has told everyone now.... and all excited.... its hard to have a go at her because she hasnt been awful...its just she is a bit of a stirer on the sly and im worried for my day now but i can hardly say to her she cant be one now can i??
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It's your wedding and you can do what you like hun! I am going to be a bridesmaid for my best friend this year and I would never cause any trouble...I'll wear, say, sit and do exactly what she wants as it's her day, not mine. It's an honour for someone to share your day with you in that way and if she can't respect that, kick her out



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absolutely, if she can't or won't do it your way 110% then you don't need her and the hassle..
if you can't face telling her get future OH to do it for you explaining the reasons..

what exactly is it that she's doing or not doing that's stressing you out?
When I was a bridesmaid for my friend I was away travelling during the planning stages of the wedding and couldn't believe the way the other two bridesmaids were behaving.

They were refusing point blank to wear dresses from certain stores, one even said she would only wear a dress from coast which cost £250 - although she made no offer to pay for the dress herself! The same girl also refused to go to the wedding unless her three young children could go - even though my friend had said she didn't want any children at her wedding (let's be fair, who wants to pay £100 a head for a child who's not going to remember it, and is more than likely to cry during the ceromony (which they did)?!).

I think these things are always hard, but I would suggest if you're going to keep her as a Bridesmaid, then don't involve her in any of the details of the planning. She doesn't need to know any of the finer details, so that should hopefully give her less of a reason to stir if she's kept in the dark.
I would say you have reviewed it and if she doesnt change her ways then she is no longer bridesmaid. If she is a close enough friend to ask to be your bridesmaid, then she is close enough to understand the issues.

If not, she isnt a very nice friend and why would you a) want her as your bmaid - and b) want her at your wedding.

Sorry to sound harsh, but as a bride myself i would not stand for it. Its 'our' day - and you dont need stress from the people supposed to help you on your day.

*rant over*
I was thinking, and if you can't see yourself still being friends with her in 10 years time then is it really worth the stress having her in your day? You could always say that you've spoken to you OH/Mum etc and have agreed only to have best friends, sisters or x amount of bridesmaids.

If you still wanted to give her a part in your wedding, but maybe not so central as bridesmaid, you could always ask her to do a reading during the ceromony or something like that.

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