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Bring back old style Food Directory !!!

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Just incase anyone from SW reads whats going on in this forum, I thought I would start a thread requesting that they do the next food directory in the style of the previous one not the current one.


Thankyou very much, it would be very much appreciated.:sign0009::sign0009::sign0009:
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Yes i know what you mean. It takes ages to look for something if you have no idea whether the syns are high or low. x


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Exactly - I spent ages looking for stuff that to me should have been in the smart syns only to find it was in the syns section. I must have wasted ages looking for stuff.
I agree, sometimes you have to look something up 3 times before you find it, it could be in syns, smart syns or even free.
I find it helpful if its product categories too as you can compare different brands for the best syns easier. I do hope they will go back to the old way!
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Well done for bringing this up cos I agree with you wholeheartedly. The old style book was much easier. Maybe its a way of getting us to buy the new new book when they go back to the old way??
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The difference is that the old book was in the sections such as dairy, biscuits, cakes, rice & pasta, kitchen cupboard, meat,fish etc etc. So if you wanted to how many syns were in a bakewell tart you just went straight to cakes and then the manufacturer. So it was easier to compare different makes in one go.

Way simplier when you have 3 kids demanding your attention all at the same time !


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Hear Hear, the new book is so irritating. If they dont change it back im not buying the new one. Plus I find that not everything is in the directory, it may be in the free or branded food books. So its a right pain when you go shopping with three books, lol!
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Hopefully if enough people make their feelings known about the new style book SW may take notice and revert back to the style we all know and love !


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Personally I preferred the (even earlier?) version where it was simply an alphabetical list by manufacturer with no splitting foods into sections.

I agree the 2009 directory is a nightmare to use. I actually emailed SW suggesting that perhaps this was a cynical attempt by SW to make it so difficult to use that people would be forced to join a class ;)
They responded by saying that a focus group of SW members preferred the current layout! They obviously didn't include any of us in their focus group :D
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I think in that case then, perhaps we should all email SW telling them what we think of the food directory as it is now and perhaps they may listen to us. Focus groups as far as I have seen on the tv consist of about 10 people or so at a time and considering the overall number of people that are following SW perhaps asking classes etc for opinions would be a better way forward !!!


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I too would prefer a version where i could look up something like cakes and then browse through the section to decide which is the lowest syn one and which to buy.
I find it hard that I dont always know the manufacturer and somethings seem to be listed under the product not the manufacturer anyway
Sorry guys, I'm gonna buck the trend here - I actually prefer the new one!! I find it so much easier, tbh if something is in the smart syn section it will have a free food allowance in it so if it's a pasta or meat dish I'll go there first but mostly I use the syns section and I find it much much easier.

I used to get annoyed with the last one looking through various sections - was a go ahead bar a biscuit, a cereal bar, a cake??? who knows - it used to annoy me!!

Just my twopennorth but I really like this one!!


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Me too!!! I really didn't like the layout of this new 2009/10 directory at all. I STILL cannot find things and I am forever online on the website looking for syns.

So yes - I agree! PLEASE RETURN TO OLD FORMAT. If it ain't broke - don't go a-fixing! x
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Personally I preferred the (even earlier?) version where it was simply an alphabetical list by manufacturer with no splitting foods into sections.
Totally agree!
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I'm with Jaylou on this one (sorry guys), maybe people who have had the old syle have just got used to it and like most of us hate change. New people who don't know any different will just accept the new style and get used to that. They may well think the old syle is rubbish and difficult to use. I have had the old and the new and with the introduction of EE, this new layout seems easier to use to me, but its horses for courses really itsn't it.
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Usually is Jay! ;)

I don't use any of the directories...old or new!!


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Personally I would like something a bit more modern like the WW calculator that I could put in my bag and go to the supermarket and search by manufacturer. A little bit more discreet than flicking through an encyclopedia.

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