Broken the vicious circle perhaps..............


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Well, I have re-started CD 4 times including this time.

Ive always managed to get down to 14 1, then i have always self sabotaged and eaten then given up on CD.

I decided if I could just try to get past 14 1, then maybe I could break the circle and I would feel so good that I wouldn't self sabotage.

well, Ive done it!!! weighed in at 13 13
this morning and havent got to this weight as far as I can remember for a few I'm very very very happy!!!!
In my eyes, I know its 13 13, but i started at 15 8 so ive gone down 2 number lol
:D :D :D :D :D
Hey - well done to you.:D
I am exactly the same, lost loads in 2003 with LL, several personal life changes later I am back on CD with a couple stone gained, but really struggling with 2lb to get under another stone barrier - as soon as I get near I eat !!! What is wrong with me ??? Think i need to be locked in a room for a week with just my 21 packets so I can break through the barrier. The craziest thing is - I know that once I get past this stone range I will be able to carry on just fine !!!!
Crazy !!!:sigh:
Congrats on getting to the 13's Tracie. :D That sounds like a landmark you had to work really hard to get through.:rolleyes: Hope it plain sailing for a while now so that the 14's are gone for good and a distant memory.

Have a good Weekend and NO EATING!;)

Dizzy x
Thats fantastic, I know just how you feel, I had to crack the 12 and a half mark for me to be at my lowest weight and the day I did it Im surprised they didnt hear the shout in America!!!

Well done, 13 13 is fantastic, bet you look great too
reading your post gave mea warm feeling on a frosty morning. well done on breaking the 14st barrier.
I'm going to coin a new phrase for this phenomenon which seems to be fairly common. mine isn't a set weight but kicks in at about 15kg weight lost (= 3 1/2 st)
I'm calling it the Glass Floor syndrome.

Sounds poncy I know but if it exists then name it I say .

Any boby out there got this too? in fact I think I'll starta thred on it.
PS-do you think you deserve to tret yourself for breaking this?
Yikes just reread last post -ATROCIOUS spelling.sorry.
Maybe I can blame the pc. sticky keys or something
Oh I know how you feel, my barrier is 3st 12lbs, been there about 4 times and ruin it every time just cant get through that 4stones. This time though...
dear Happe I've just started a thread on this.= glass floor
Do you think it's v comon problem? & is it usually at a fixed weight/size, or at an amount off as yours seems to be?
Well done thats fab news.

I think we all have a magical figure that we want to break and well done you for achieving yours.

Need to set yourself another one to break how, maybe getting into the 12's:confused:
Woohoo. Way to go Tracie. I remember that fab feeling of breaking through a certain mark.

Keep up the good work:cool:
Well done!! There's nothing stopping you now!! You can do it!

T x
Thanks sooooooo much for all the comments!

I really feel very positive at the moment.

yes, my next goal is 13 0 as I can remember when I was 13 1 and at that weight and that time during my life is associated with alot of bad stuff so im going to get past 13 1 next!.

Tracie xx