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Brother in law very ill


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My sister in law has phoned me this morning to say that her hubby is very unwell. He noticed about six months ago that there were changes in his groin area. At first he thought that he had pulled a muscle in his groin (very sporty) but it got worse and worse, to the point yesterday that he is in agony. He has still been exercising like crazy with the pain, but he is getting up 3 or 4 times a night in pain and he has trouble going to the toilet. When my SIL had a look she said that his testicles are rock hard like there is a mass.
Anyone any advise. I so do not want to google this. Going to doctor and probably will be sent to hospital today. BIL refused to go yesterday. (what is it and some men).
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I don't think there is any advice we can give - as long as he gets to the GP today there is nothing more to be done. Usually they will be very cautious and will refer him fast track which means he will be seen by a consultant within 2 weeks. The system for this type of thing is really good. But please, dont fear the worst, the human body is weird and wonderful, and it could be a number of things. Stay positive. Will be thinking of you all please let us know how he gets on xx
What I'm about to say will probably come across as harsh & to the point, unfortunately I've never been one to be able to 'pad' things out & I'm not too good with words.

Just because your BiL has swollen groin area doesn't automatically mean he has cancer.

Unfortunately people will not see the doctor because the fear the worse, but they make things worse rather than sorting it out.

My daughter's now ex boyfriend had testicular cancer & he was treated very quickly, from seeing the doctor to having the operation it was only a matter of weeks.

Trust in the doctor, they know what they are doing, I sincerely hope he is ok.
How is he Tara ???


Loves Norman Reedus
He doesnt want to go to the hospital today, he wants to leave it for another day but my sil is adamant he is going today.
The doctor that he saw was a locum and she just kept asking him repeatidly if he has had affairs. or if his wife has. they have been together for 23 years and been faithful the whole time.
She didnt offer him a PSA test which would see if his prostrate is working properly.
With regard to trusting doctors, well they do make mistakes. My stepbrother was diagnosed with reflux and sprained ankle whereas he had spinal cancer and a brain tumour.
I dont just presume that my BIL has cancer, it is that his symptoms match the cancer ones as well as matching other things too. I am hoping that it is just a bad infection.
Sorry hon just read your thread, I do so hope he is okay and I will be following this thread to check how he comes on. Thinking of you at this really worrying time. I know what you mean about men they like to bury their heads in the sand.
Sometimes you really have to force Drs to do tests, especially with the NHS making cuts. I've always had to fight for any kind of treatment.. If you have any doubts then keep pushing :)


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It always seems strange to me how reluctant some GPs are to send people for blood tests. I'm living in Australia now and they seem to send you for blood tests here at the drop of a hat. From one extreme to another! This extreme in Australia seems to be the end of the scale I would rather be at though.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it is just an infection that antibiotics will clear up. If not, do get encourage your sister and brother in law to keep persisting. My Dad died of bowel cancer and because he didn't complain or explain his symptoms well enough because he didn't like fuss and bother, his cancer was diagnosed in too far advanced a state and he died. I'm not for a minute suggesting that this will happen to your b-i-l - nor am I trying to scaremonger, just some of us are just too bloomin' polite and trusting that doctors know best.

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