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Buddies wanted please

Right i'm all geared up to start Slimfast tomorrow, got my tins of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milkshakes and some yougurt & museli bars, also taken a chicken breast out the freezer to defrost to have tomorrow for tea. All I need now is some buddies to keep me on the straight and narrow. I'll be coming on here every night and i'm also on facebook, my name is Cheralyn Woolcock if anybody wants to add me.
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I'm with you!! Have started today and have just had my first shake (was a late morning). I'm also online most evenings but want to reduce the amount of time cos I plan to be out in the gym or at aerobics or something each evening too. I tried Lipotrim during the summer but found it too antisocial so am going for SF this time so i can eat with friends and family and have slices of lime in my fizzy water when out etc. Need to really go for it this time as have allowed myself to become really isolated socially as feel so crap about the weight that has crept on the last 2 years.

So .. onwards and thinwards?
Right lets go for it Goreygirl, i've just arranged to go swimming tomorrow night. I'm going to Lanzarote begining of Feb so would love to lose a stone by then. I'm quite focused and really think this is the diet for me, when i did lipotrim i found having a shake for breakfast and dinner easy but found it harder at night as i cooked tea for my husband and daughters and couldn't eat anything myself. So what do the shakes taste like?
I actually really like the shakes particularly the latte and choc. I'm not a van of vanilla or strawberry flavoured drinks anyway so haven't even tried the SF versions. I think they are much more pleasant than the Lipotrim ones and the more you blend the better they get. I'm going to try the lipotrim tricks on them, adding ice cubes etc to make a bigger drink.

I've just had my dinner and actually really enjoyed it as i wasn't consumed with guilt etc. Now if i can just remember this feeling when the munchies strike.

One thing about swimming though, although it's good for fitness it's not considered particularly helpful with weightloss as it doesn't allow you to get as hot as you need to be to burn fat. I really enjoy swimming and plan to get back into it but only after i've done 30 mins of cardio that day in some way even if it's only a walk.

Good luck tomorrow :)


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id be up for more buddies!!!!!
So if anyone wants to add me
Krystle Smith (profile pic is the smae as on here)
just state in the message who you are and your user name on here, just incase some sccammers are about!!!

Just come back onto the forum and saw this post i would love to buddy up with people, i have done lighter life b4 and cambridge and ww and slimming world etc etc lol but today i have started slimfast to try and give myself a kick start to lose weight this year. I need to lose about 5 stone so i have a long long way to go just hoping that by having slimfast and a meal in the evning i wont get to hungry, i have tried and tried again to restart cambridge and failed so am hoping i can do this.

Will add you to facebook, hope this is ok, my name is Sadie Byers

I look forward to chatting with you all and hopefully we can all do this together :D
Kes and 4busybee I will add you both on facebook shortly.

Well so far 2 shakes down and doing well, nobody warned me that the shakes were so sweet! lol. Going swimming later tonight (I must be mad its freezing out there) and i'm going to book in for body combat on Thursday. How has everybody elses day gone so far?
Hi all

I need some buddies to spur me on (although I haven't got face book, one technical step at a time!!!). I started slim fast today and had a strwbry shake for breakfast and lunch with salmon and stirfry for tea. I did weightwatchers 5 years ago and kept the weight off but since having my youngest son (now 3 1/4) I just cannot get it off. So I hope I can do it. Managed a very slow 30 minute jog last night and legs are aching!

How do you find out how many cals are in things like potatoes?!
Gosh can't you tell I'm a newbie x
Hi Clarley and welcome to the gang!

I'm on day 2 and have just had my dinner (baby potatoes, steamed veg packet, steamed salmon fillet and red pesto dressing). Actually really enjoying it so far probably because my mood has lifted just from taking action! I haven't managed to get out exercising yet as still iced so praying for thaw! Thought i'd do a fitness dvd but don't know where i put them! have the empty DVD cases but no dvd :-(

Anyway Calorie Chart, Nutrition Facts, Calories in Food | MyFitnessPal.com do great nutrition / cal info

Hi All!
How has your day been? I was sooooo looking forward to my tea this evening and it was horrible.... I think it was because I made my hubby a lovely tea!
However I did my first bit of running in the gym this evening (all be it for one minute) so I do feel like I have achieved something positive today.

It does seem to take up a lot of time and energy thinking about food when you're on a diet though doesn't it!
Congrats for getting to the gym! What did you cook your hubby? Why didn't you just give him same dinner you have? Be good for him and at least you can feel you are sharing a meal?
Thanks Goreygirl I shall check that out. Very good idea to wait for the ice to thaw as I nearly sprained and ankle last night!! If your house is anything like mine the DVD has probably been used as a coaster!!
Today has been ok, need to break the habit of the food to mouth motion but I am hopeful this will wear off in time!
Today I had ready made shakes but have brought powder to make up but do not have a blender, will I manage it with a strong hand or will I taste the powder? Any tips anyone?
Hmm .. need a very strong hand but think of the exercise lol


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ive done the chocolate shake (not as nice) and the strawberry shake without blender...

you will need to hold your nose.. hehehe, its not that bad honestly
Mmm not convinced, will let you know! Got a large glass of water and desperately trying to avoid all the left over christmas treats in the fridge.

Day 1 very nearly complete!
No.. stay away from the chocolate!!!! Resist .. resist!
Thanks I am. Just been on that calorie counting site and buoy I would have to jog for a week and that thought is definately helping me to stay away! More water.......

one day at a time and this one is nearly over! Any good filling low cal meals to suggest anyone!
less that 600 cals

Baby potatoes - 130
salmon fillet - 210
steamed veg bag - 85 cals
1 tblspn low fat creme fraiche - 50
1 tsp of red pesto (mix into creme fraiche and smear across salmon) -20

I've bought a microwave steamer so it takes about 10 minutes to knock this up :)
Ooh that sounds nice i love pesto, thanks. Crikey I can see this is going to take some forward planning to make sure I don't grab something quick. I guess you get used to the amount of cals in each food over time?
I've never calorie counted in my life as have only done WW before so this this a totally new concept for me. I've had that dinner two days in a row now as i forgot to take chicken out of the freezer and in Tesco's you can get salmon fillets you can cook from frozen. As i weigh and find calories for things i'm writing it on a page on the fridge for future reference.

I'm trying to stick to the "hand" system portion planning:
> protein = size of palm (fleshy part excluding fingers)
> carbs = size of my clenched fist
> veg = size of palm and fingers

I've also switched to using a side plate as a dinner plate so it looks like a piled up plateful! A dietician I know told me that dinner plates have grown on average an extra 3 inches in diameter in last 10 years and our food portions have grown to fill it!

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