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Buddy Needed

Hi people this is my last chance at this i have approx 6 weeks till my hols so i would luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv to loose loads by then but im being realistic so i need support hubby is doing atkins and is doing well but smell of solid foot (even tho i dont eat that kind of stuff normally ) is killing me. So what im looking for is a buddy to text/ e-mail me in times of need/desperation or for just a friendly keep going noye i would really appreciate it . I completed day 1 yesterday so just now it's day 2
thanks in advance
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The Nerdy Singer
Feel free to PM me any time you need something I'm usually on late because of the time difference (USA here), but I am here and willing to help. You can do this!


Mistress Mush!
You know if you want to message me feel free. Ive been on the diet for about 6 weeks. Slowly and surely losing it, but wont weigh in again till after 18th! So we can keep each other going if you'd like. feel free to pm me and i'll add you to msn!
And i am here if you want to text, chat on msn, or come here and chat away too! x

Search for my challenge, you have until Friday to add to it, lose stone or over in 4 weeks...win a prize x
hi what is your challenge called so that i can find it xx

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