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buddy request

I could also do with a buddy to help me along the way.

Gone off the rails a little lately. Been following sw but rather like the look of RC. I have purchased some of the Solo Slim meals and been taking these to work at lunchtime.

I have a lot of weight to lose and I must be honest don't do much exercise. :)
Hi kaz we can do this together I start tommorro so lovely 2 weeks on 1200 how u finding it so far I also have a lot to lose 9 st to be exact let know how eachother did eachday xx

I will post each day to you

Tomorrow initially will be:

B'fast: 1oz porridge made with skimmed milk 155 cals Cup of tea 10 cals 165

Snack: Banana 100 cals 100

Cup of tea 10 cals 10

Lunch: Solo Slim Tomato Soup 163 cals
Slice of bread 71 cals 234

Raspberries, Blackberries, Mango and grapes (need to add up)

Not sure about evening meal yet! What about you?

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong
I will join you! Sorry I think you posted in my other thread and I haven't been back until now. I have 4 stone 4lbs to lose. Today I have eaten:-

B - Small slice wholemeal bread with smoked salmon and 125ml OJ
L - Butternut squash soup and small roll
D - Will be lamb stew with mash and brocolli
S - Peach and low fat yogurt

No time for exercise today though. Zumba tomorrow night!
How has your day been?
what have you eaten?

For dinner: Jacket potato, salad, and a desert spoon of Silverado beef follwed by fresh fruit and a muller light yoghurt :)
Hi all I have had a good first day

Brekkie 2 weetAbix milk out of allowance

Lunch pasta n sauce half pack

Power snack morning red apple

Dinner pasta bolognaise with 10 sprouts

Muller yoghurt

Still 170 cAls remaining not sure what to have

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