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Not tried it but tempted can I add chilli flakes or curry powder to gimme a savoury kick ??? Can't stand the exante soups so miss the salty stuff!!!!
I'm thinking of getting some too, haven't used Bouillion before but apparently you can use it as a hot drink as well as enhance the flavor of the soups so it might be worth getting some. Think I'll go out and get some tomorrow..


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I would suggest the reduced salt version - which still (to me anyway) tastes salty! It does help to have a hot drink of it through the day, I have 1-3 cups depending on how hungry I feel and it tricks me into thinking I am having a thin cup of soup :D


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Damn!!!! I work in a tesco and since we opened we sold that swiss bullion guess what??? Went to buy some today and we don't stock it anymore lol x
thing is I cant remember in the 6 years I've been there anyone ever buying it!!!!!


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S: 1st1.7lb G: 0st11.7lb
No longer a bullion virgin!!!!
And I like it added some chilli flakes to give it a wee kick and it just tastes like chicken noodle soup without the chicken or noodles lmao ;) x


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Having my first cup of bullion and all I can say is hmm mmmmm!!! It's gorgeous. Just what I needed. I have the normal one, 5ml in 250ml boiled water. It's exactly like a nice broth (without the bits). Very tasty. :D made tea with the OH a lot easier today.


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I have tried it today too and can see it being a godsend on cold & tired autumn afternoons. To me it tastes like the sachet you get in super noodles! I have the reduced salt one and the saltiness it just right for me.
Bought some Bouillon at Tesco today. Boiled 400ml of water,
added 2 teaspoons bouillon, half a teaspoon of lazy garlic, a quarter of a teaspoon of lazy chilli and a mushroom soup mix.

If I had been served that in a restaurant, I would have been very happy, it was really nice. I'm only on day 6, but the standard soups were uninspiring, all changed now by some slight additions !


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S: 13st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 1st0lb(7.69%)
That sounds lovely Riggie, will suggest it to my Mum as she has the soups, I'm a shakes & bars girl!
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Can you have the knorr bouillon? Our local supermarket doesn't stock the marigold stuff. There seems to be more carbs in the knorr version - I compared it to the marigold info I got online. Have any of you had the knorr one and did it affect your weightloss? Ta!

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