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Bullion (sp?). I've hear about this on this board. What is it? Does it make a kind of broth-y drink?
And, where in the supermarket can it be found??
Near the stock cubes. There's a few different ones . Mine is a green tin marigold Swiss vegetable Bouillon powder but i hear there is also a low salt one
I mix 1 tsp in a mug of boiling water and it tastes like clear soup
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Bouillon (pronounced bweeyon) - is just a French word for "stock".

It's basically like a light vegetable stock that you generally use in cooking, but you can just simply mix it with hot water to make a nutritious drink. It's very tasty.

(I find the regular Marigold one too salty and get the low salt one)
Bouillon (pronounced bweeyon) - is just a French word for "stock".

And all this time I've been pronouncing it 'Bully-on'!! Now I feel silly!!! :eek:
Does anyone know which shops sell the low salt version. I've tried local asda and tesco neither have low salt version. I'm desperate as I've eaten 3rd CD pack already and am determined not to cheat, was looking for this to help me along.

Have you tried the Cambridge Savoury Vegetable Drink. It says that it is bouillon on the tub. Is this that same sort of stuff?

It costs £6.50 a tun from my CDC

LMAO ... that is so funny!!!! :D :D :D
I see my counsellor on Sunday so will buy their savoury pack to keep me on track. I bought the normal one this evening as I was really struggling, I know its higher in salt so I'll drink an extra litre of water to make up for it. The choice was between that and food so proud of myself that I never went for the food.

Thanks for your replies.:)