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Bunged up again........


has started again!!
As many of you will know (prob to your regret) I have enormous constipation issues. I have asked advice of anyone who will listen inc my LLC. I have taken all the advice and now drink 5+litres of water a day, inc soda water; I have water flavourings,I have hot drinks, and I still have to take dulcolax. I am in agony when I do go, last time I was on the loo over an hour, and in tears with the pain. It is making me feel really grotty, and sluggish and honestly just cr*p.

I know one of kind ladies suggested Movicol, which I think I am going to try to get to help "clear me out", and then I am going to start a course of psyllium husk capsules. I have tried the husks themselves in water but I just heaved, cannot take them that way.

My LLC said HO will only say I need more water, but just how much does one person need to drink to be able to poop properly? It is not an issue I have ever had before,in fact almost the reverse. She also said I need to visit the gp to get it sorted, but I am almost phobic about GP's so that wont happen unless a last resort.

Does anyone else suffer like this or am I just lucky.....

Are there any other remedies I might try?

Sorry for the graphic nature of this post, but I really really need help this time and not with my eating.....

Thanks guys.
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Prevention is far better than a cure so hopefully the psyllium husk capsules will sort it out. I swear by PH but could never stand them in water as suggested on the pack: I added mine to my shakes and soups to make them more 'substantial' and used them to make porrige - not to everyone's taste though.

Movicol is great for getting things moving along and I hope the PH capsules prevent the problem from reoccuring. Constiaption is no laughing matter: I nearly jacked the diet in because of it in the early days. Thank god for pH!


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I'm not clear - have you said that you haven't tried dulcolax?

If not, I think you should. It's ironic but prior to LL I had to take a laxative most days in order to "go" and was immune to most except dulcolax. Dulcolax have recently introduced a new type that also helps 'soften' and given your vivid description you might want to look at that (I don't expect that it will affect ketosis but even if it does temporarily this is a desperate situation and you would really benefit from a good 'clear out'. Poor you - I do empathise!

Since starting LL I have no problems so long as I drink lots of water. Life just aint fair.

It was me that suggested movicol, don't forget to add enough water to satchets (60mls - i think) and wait until it goes clear. I would recommend taking a sachet every 4 hours til you start going then take 1 a day for a few weeks at least to get your bowel back into shape. PH's constipate me if i take more than 1-2 day but i know they work for many others.

Good luck
I take dulcoax every 2 days (1 tablet) as just hopeless without. You may need to take two t get things moving but then one every two days should be fine. I tried psyillium husks & had v. poor losses so stopped & generally things improved after I stopped. I would try the dulcolax & then if that doesent work try PH tablets - nowt lost except cash in the esperement as PH is expensive while dulcolax relativey cheap! Hope you sort this & dont overdo the water! LL told me max 5.5 litres a day! Dont want you drowning yourself!


has started again!!
Thanks Pokerstar. I will give it a go, as I desparately need results! Thanks so much for the advice!



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I'm still not going --- if there was one thing about this diet I could change it would be that I could go to the loo more often.

I've still not tried the movicol - think I'll go have one now and then some tomorrow and see how I go.



Just one day at a time
Guys, i have the same problem. Thanks for the advice.

Please don't do what i did. Now firstly don't laugh :cry:

I used a suppository because i "thought" i was. Turns out i didn't have enough in me and well.......:sign0131: ...... it was like and i am really sorry to be graphic, but it was like my bum was retching.....not very nice :sick0019: and quite painful.

I will try some of your tips.

Remember guys if you can't be good, don't put things up your bum in the name of LL ....:wavey:


has started again!!
Remember guys if you can't be good, don't put things up your bum in the name of LL ....

Too late I already did!! LOL!!:whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:


It was a suppository....what on earth were you thinking!!!!!!:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

Seriously though I did need it, but delayed using it as the thought put me off! It worked so flippin fast tho, and I did feel better. I am going to take 2 Dulcolax tonight to start things off.....I hope it works!!


has started again!!
limited success.

cant quite believe I am so open re my poop with strangers!! LOL - quite glad I will prob never meet, as no red faces visible then!!!!


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Try the Movicol - I took one on Thursday night and 2 yesterday and they've really worked. Drank another this morning, am going to have 1 a day now and see how that works. They're not at all nice to drink but it's worth it.



has started again!!
I guess. Not tried Movicol yet, but has been recommended. I know LL do tell us Dulcolax is the one to go for. ALso my LLC has said, hot water, soda water, lots and lots of water and water flavouring as a preventative, although didnt work for me.

Got PH capsules on order, should get them next week. Hopefully will stop a recurrence??
bunged up

Hi There,

Claire here first posting, i had the same problem, now on week 8 LL, but find the savoury drinks drinks seem to help! not sure if it would be the same for everybody, but did help me. Still just going every other day, but no pain!:)



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Have you considered using the Fiber89? It's something they sell through Cambridge and you take one teaspoonful a day in your shake/soup or with water. It's flavorless and it seems to help so far.
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Aw! Poor you!

I was like this when I started and when I took laxatives it gave me choco waterfalls and incontinance! I just resigned myself to only going every now and then , but I things have sorted themsleves out at every other day usually strangely since the new packs came in.
But every now and again I go like you again and I think its when I drink lesss than 6 litres a day. I know it sounds alot but really makes a difference.
hope you are Ok as I know its hell, and I think everybody worries abit about the bowels health thing on LL , its something they really need to address I think , in stead of using the dehydration cop out, becuase like you say there is only so much water one person can get through.

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