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hi guys

i am about to start in two weeks and i wondered if there are any tips you can give me to make it all a bit easier...or at least not harder...i am most scared of the first week which people say is a nightmare. i am not afraid of cheaitng, only of feeling really ill. i hate feeling ill and it freaks me out. i am scared of that part the most.

lots of love, you all gave me such a fab greeting and welcome and it was so kind, you are all fantastically generous and great...'big losers'! haha

i am lucky to be part of such a great team

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I didn't have any problems with the first week at all apart from maybe feeling a little bit tired on day four.

Best tip is to drink plenty of water and get into the habit of sipping as often as you can (don't down gallons all in one go!) Your bladder will soon get used to extra fluid.

I don't know if you've decided to tell anyone what you're doing but I told everyone and they were all really supportive. And it also avoided having any awkward moments of them offering me food or drink.
Your social life does not have to suffer when you're on this diet. In fact, the more weight you lose, the more you'll want to go out and show off your new bod. And you don't need to eat and drink to have fun. It's amazing how much money you'll save, even with paying £70 a week for the packs.

Biggest thing is to enjoy the fact you're making a big decision to make a big difference to your life. Trust me, LL will change you for the better forever!!

Good luck and try not to worry. I didn't have any trouble at all in my first week. Just ignore the people who have horror stories, it doesn't mean it'll happen to you
I couldn't have put it better Rachel.
I think people often feel "ill" at first because our bodies are so used to over-indulgence that they go into shock when we start LL - well, you would, wouldnt you?
I was lucky, didn't feel bad. I did drink water little and often though, about 4 litres a day. I'm convinced that helped.
Good luck SS.
Hi secretsquirell,

I find brushing my teeth and using mouthwash before i start cooking helps or if i feel tempted to eat something. xx


Determined to succeed
Not had any heartburn. Maybe its just one particular flavour not agreeing with u. Try changing one at a time and see if it goes away


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Hi SS.

Well how long it is now until you get started. Bet your chumping at the bit. When you have made your mind up that you are going to do it - every day seems like a week :D
i agree...i am going to have to wait til after june 7th...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i and dying to go thru the agonies and get into it for real. desperate. also scared. cos i am really addicted to certain foods. badly.but i wanna do this. i am hellbent on it mate xx haha


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You will do it luv. 7th is only another 2wks away. The next 2wks will drag by for you - but when you get started the wks just disappear. I had couple of days of feeling sh*t but got up this morning and feeling on top of the world and very positive again. Booked a villa in Turkey for next year - so i can show off the new improved me :D x


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U will. U will prob be finished ur journey and i will still be here. Think i want to get to about 8st 7ish x


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Im only 5ft 3 :sigh:
well i am 5 foot 6.5 but i really want to be 8 st 7 too..but its too thin for me really...i know what i look like at 8 st 7...i am going for 9 st 6 instead...it really suited me being that weight...i just prefer being thinner, these last few years have challenged my confidence...i think that is something we all share and i am just dying TO GET STARTED and to look forward to a slim CHRSTMAS, MY FIRST IN 6 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!oops caps sorry, not shouting...i was always slim before the boom then not getting rid of it...anyhow, what i am cant wait to do is learn how to manage my food and balance it with exercise etc...


Determined to succeed
U def sound like u are in the right frame of mind luv - u will be grand, I will see what i feel comfortable at and stop there. My OH and daughter r outside doing a B-B-Q and im being anti-social. I encouraged them to do it but i dont want to sit around it :D


Determined to succeed
Funny how the smell didnt even bother me. Its funny how you can be sooooooo focused when you put your mind to something. Long may it continue :D