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Butter is melting

So begun the Xenical on 7th of September 2011 n weighed in at 190lbs. I am only 4ft 11" and had lost 6lbs in the previous few weeks from August 7th.

This is no means my first attempt to get thin for good. Let me explain a bit.

I have always had a love - hate relationship with food, in 2000 when I was 18 I weighed just under 70lbs at one point due to not eating a great deal and medication I was on at the time for other things supressing my appitite, swimming a lot and generally avoiding food.

By 2002 the weight was creaping up I was a size 14 and weighed around 140lbs.

I have to add regardless of how thin or fat I am my boobs never seem to get too small cup wise, it is annoying but I have grown over the years to like having more than a handful.

As the years passed my weight crept up, by October time 2006 I was a clothes size 26-28 for tops and a 22-24 for bottoms weighing a all time high of 230lbs. Something had to change I was not happy I was out of breath all the time n didn't recognise myself in the mirror.

I reverted to daft eating habbits of fads, and stupidly with retrospect bought some diet pills, phentermine via the internet. Yes they worked but not without issues, my brain didn't seem to care that they exhasperated my mental health (bipolar disorder)

my eye sight was failing so trying to find answers which wernt coming easy, ment I was unable to check the contents of what was eating as easily as before, I had lost some weight fairly quickly, went to the GP who was oblvious to the fact I was taking the phen and she wrote me a script for Reductil (which has since been discontinued) I took both of them together n in the first 2 weeks lost 21lbs, GP pleased with my progress n carried on to rx whilst I carried on buying the phen.

By the time of starting my undergraduate degree in the october of 2007 I was a size 18 I carried on as I was, fell in love fairly quickly with a guy who well more on him later...

spent 3 weeks in america that christmas time and had no meds with me, and put on 20lbs in the 3 weeks from eating like mad n anything and everything was not good.

2008 plodded on with uni, and got engaged, the Reductil had stopped but the phen I continued to buy via the net.

then Christmas 2008 tradgedy hit my beloved grandpa who was my hero for theprevious 26 years passed away with no warning whilst cooking his tea.

I spent the next 8 months in a lil daze eating a diet or so I am informed by my now hubby of cottage cheese, olives and beetroot and the ocasional bit of chicken. By the May of 2009 at a meal with my parents and my inlaws my mother in law remarked how fab I was looking and what was the secret I didn't dare to tell her. I was weighing 140lbs and not taking any tablets by this point on a daily basis, just restricting my calories and taking the phen fora week a month as couldnt deal with the "gain" of bloat from each months period.

We got married august 2009, and I weighed 134lbs no tablets no nothing.

So you may ask yourself why am I back on the diet wagon, why Xenical...

the new GP's dx me with a underactive thyoid a while ago, we are TTC all be it we know we need a sperm donor and my BMI has to be under 30, n prefereably closer to 25. Why can't i be taller damn it!!

In the 2 and a bit years now since we got married I have binged on anything and everything as a way to cope with the loosing of my vision.

weight crept up to 196lbs a month ago n I decided no more, so am trying to be sensible with teh Xenical and to loose n keep off this weight once more.

Sorry to ramble on if you have read this far, I guess I can reward you with a photo of me so you can see just who I am behind these posts.

Lea x

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Not such a fat kat now :)
Wow! That was like reading war and peace! :)
Welcome though. You'll love it here, lovely friends, knowledgable people who give helpful non judgemental advice but equally give you the kick up the backside when you need it :)
You've had quite a dietary roller coaster for the last few years haven't you? You've also sailed a little close to the wind with your combination of pills. But never mind you'll do well as long as you get your head in the right place.
Read the newbie stickies about how to use xenical and remember to ask questions. No question too stupid :)
Good luck

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cheers hun for the welcome, I did try n keep it brief but just kept on typing. With some luck the fat will vanish n I will get healthier n do things the right way, just hard when I know what my head is prone to.



Not such a fat kat now :)
No point keeping it short . Sometimes just writing it down is more therapeutic than we know

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very true hun, that was actually a "short" version as I kept writing and writing and then re read it n was like "noooo they will get scared away n never talk or comment on your posts again" so I edited it, sat munching some jelly tonight, rather tastey feel likea kid again :) x
If writing everything down helps keep your head in the right place go ahead a do it. No one here is going to judge you for doing it no matter how long your posts are.

I've been meaning to buy a type messure for the last 2 months. I keep forgetting but I think its more a case that i'm a bit nervous of my measurements.
Hubby said whwn i couldnt find ine earlier to use string n different coloured pens for boobs, waist n hips but knowing me id get confused as to which colour us which then get confussed

Will get a new tape measuerer this week its on the todo list

Iv somewhere got a document of measurements from the last time i got thin on run up to wedding they make a interesting read

Anyways bedtime for me
Nini all x
Not having the best of days today barely slept lastnight due to my eyes acting up so spent most the day having naps feeling yuk

Just had some fish a tea spoon worth of low fat mayo and ten a banoofee asda vitality bar

Now heading back to try sleep x
cheers hun, just had to make a GP apt for more xen for next week which will only be 2 weeks as she is away the week I need and she told me to make apts for her not other doctors.

Fingerx Il have lost enough weight to let her rx me more :) x


Not such a fat kat now :)
Lol, you won't do that again will you :)
Morrisons eat smart low fat sausages are pretty good if you need a sausage fix though.

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Nopes wont do it again the stomach cramps i gave myself will make sure of that!

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I love sausages but have avoided them till this week till I bought some Turkey ones. They are well within the xenical rules and really tasty. would defo get them again.
easygoing2ie said:
I love sausages but have avoided them till this week till I bought some Turkey ones. They are well within the xenical rules and really tasty. would defo get them again.
In Sri Lanka they serve 'poultry Sausage' ie chicken it always made us laugh.

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