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Butternut Squash

I frylight mine and roast it in the oven.Its gorgeous with a roast meal as it tastes very similar to roast parsnips.I've never tried it in soup as I've never managed to get my head round the prospect of having a soup that tastes sweet



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I rub a little bit of olive oil into it, sprinkle with cinnamon and roast it.

It works really well in curry too.


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So there is no need to boil them first before roasting? They seem really hard?


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Don't be tempted to boil them! They'll be ok.
I also make a spiced BNS soup. Onion, garlic, chilli powder and ground cumin. Great comfort food! Or if it's a small one use some carrots with it and vary the spices. Coriander, fresh and ground is nice.


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oooh, noo, don't boil them, just chuck 'em in the oven with a little seasoning & frylight. And if you're like me, leave them to become caramelised ♥

There are scrummy in soup, too - I was surprised and now I have sweet potatoe & BNS most weeks. Gorgeous!

Try the seach box, up in the top right, for LOADS of BNS recipes, as this is discussed fairly often.


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I have a bit of a mental problem with BNs but after all your comments i think im gonna try them!


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meli do you have the ee cookbook???
there is a butternut squash and bacon rissotto in there and honestly it is divine!!!!


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Will try a bit of both and make a soup and some roasted tomorrow. Thanks for all the ideas!

No I don't have the EE cookbook :(
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Cut in half and remove the seeds, spray with frylight and shove in the oven for half an hour or so. Meanwhile frylight fry some red onion and courgette.

Scoope out BNS flesh and add to fry pan. Add some cubes of feta (HEx) and sage, heat up and put in squash shells to serve.

Yum - you can eat the BNS skin too, when it's cooked it's really soft, and then you'll stay full for ages and ages :)


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I got an idea from here, roasted the BNS with some whole garlic cloves in their skins (take the skin off when roasted, before you blend) and some chunks of onion and some herbs (I think I had rosemary last time - basically whatever you've got) with the olive oil fry spray. About when they started to feel soft I added in some chicken stock (maybe a mugful) and left it in the oven for a bit longer and then blitzed it with a handblender. I used it as pasta sauce with some cheese stirred through.

I also make a soup using onions, BNS and chopped up bacon (optional ofc). Cook in stock until soft then add some sweetcorn in (chop it off a cob or used tinned) and blitz with a blender and then add some milk to make it a bit creamy (optional - this was pre-diet haven't yet tried it with fromage frais but that should work too) and add more stock/water as needed to get it to the texture you like.


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I make bns and sweet potato soup, roast in oven as an alternative to roast potatoes or potato wedges, or use as a mash topping on red days for cottage pie


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I love it to, I had only tried it when DS was weaning:D. Anyhow any tips on cutting it, it is the hardest thing ever when raw, I think last time I had to get a meat cleaver to it:eek:


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I use a 'V slicer' type thing. A mandolin, I guess. Makes light work of them!
Put the BNS in the microwave on high for about 5 mins for a medium size one, its much easier to peel that way. I do this and then chop the bns into chunks add to 3 spring onions, and a clove of finely chopped garlic, fry in fry light til the garlic is softened, then add half a cup of water, boil it down for about 15 mins, keep checking that it doesnt dry out, when done add 3 - 4 tbsps fromage frais, mix into cooked pasta, and top with a healthy extra of cheese, stick in the oven (220 approx) for about 20 mins, absolutely gorgeous and very very filling!

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