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Bye Bye Fat Clothes!

Jue xx

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I've just had a try-on and clearout of the clothes in my casual wardrobe, and consigned the following to a "fat clothes" bag in the loft. It's basically anything with a waist band:

- 3 pairs of casual trousers
- 5 skirts
- my best pair of smart going-out trousers
- 2 pairs of jeans (including one very expensive pair of Jasper Conrans)

I would put them in a charity bag if there wasn't as much money's worth - I'm loathed to part with them!

I haven't started on my drawers yet, might do that this afternoon, but I suspect that all my shorts will be going and that will mean a whole new wardrobe for my holidays this year.

And I daren't even think about my work wardrobe, which is in a different room. I have about 15 skirt and trousers suits from Next, Principles and Wallis and have already been wearing some of the trousers with belts for a few weeks, and taken the waist bands in on others. They are going to cost a fortune to replace in smaller sizes!

I now have no bottom halves at all (and many of my tops are hanging off me too) Oh, well, looks like it's off to Meadowhall with the husband's credit card this afternoon! :D
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Well done on the losses but dont buy too much you'll be in the next size in no time ;)


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Put them on Ebay!!!!
I've just sold quite a few things on there and it's mad the prices some people will pay,!!
Have fun with credit card lol


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definatley EBAY them, the money can go towards new stuff! well done on your losses.
I ebayed all my FAT clothes! (still got smaller sized FAT clothes! but we're working on that.........)
happy sorting
Getting rid of your 'fat' clothes does so much for you. It pschologically boosts you, confirms that the diet works & then when you wear clothes that actually fit you look a whole lot slimmer & people's compliments add to the diet glow.

Well done hun!


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Would definately agree with everyone else. Sell them on Ebay, people will pay alot of money, especially if they are larger sizes. I've just recently done that and i' now using the proceeds to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.
It's sooo exciting, what a boost for you. :D
hi well done on your loss, i picked up some great stuff from asda and only paid a quarter of the price used to pay in evans, good luck with your shopping

Jue xx

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You're all right, they've got to go. I guess deep down I'm a bit scared to get rid of them in case I put the weight back on, but I know I'm just being silly, there's no way I'm ever going to get to that size again.

OK, ebay it is. I'll have to be careful how I advertise them - "large bag of fat clothes" or "selling because they're dropping off me" won't get me many sales! Hope I get a decent price for the JC jeans! Might buy some smaller sized clothes off ebay too to keep me going.

I'm going to wait a bit longer before I start thinking about buying holiday clothes. We're not going until the end of July (8 weeks) and at the rate the weight's dropping off at the moment, anything I buy now will be too big by then! At least I am confident that I will NOT look like I did on last year's holiday photos - every time I look at them I cringe!

Thanks for the lovely encouraging comments everyone. xx



soon to be minnie mouse
get rid of them you'll never fit into them again. if you keep them in the loft then your just waiting for the weight to creep back on you.
Oh yes, and another thing - bras! I desperately need to get measured for a new bra, as unfortunately I've lost a lot from the one area where I couldn't afford to!

I wore my strapless bra last night and by the end of the night it was around my waist! Not a good look! :rolleyes:

Mrs B

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Try Asda or Tesco for bras. Try them on till you find what fits. I don't find being measured particularly helpful as the manufacturers sizes are all different! Don't buy loads just enought to keep you going as you may not be wearing them for long.

Sell your clothes on ebay or is there a secondhand shop near you that will buy them from you - it is the most wonderful feeling getting rid of them. Again don't buy loads as you'll probably not be in them for long.
Good idea, we have an Asda near us, I will have a look what they have in the undies department. Will have to have a massive try-on. I really have no idea what bra size I am now - all I know is that I'm not the lady I used to be!

Trying on my clothes and seeing them fall off me is giving me such a buzz. It's a great feeling, knowing that I "have" to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I feel better now than I have in years. I love CD!:party0011:
If you have any old bra's that are now too big (no matter how 'grey' they may be;)) then Oxfam will now take them as there is a drive to send them to Africa/Asia.

They never used to take underwear, but now they are!


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yes I agree the wording in the adverts I sold all my clothes on was " sadly no longer fit me" !!! and I sold EVERYTHING! literally........bras and all!! Dont put "selling due to weight loss!" that always puts me off buying anything! haha, think its rude to people that want to buy your stuff . Just coz a size 16 doesnt fit them anymore, thats small to some of us ;-)
Hello, I was going to look at your diary - Fingers Crossed, however it says I cannot get in or on to the members list or any of the other diaries. Is it because i'm new and have to post so many times to become a member or is there something else i'm not doing right?

I have looked at the faq section and can find no mention of this (probably looking straight at it lol)

Thank you for your help i'm so interested in every ones journey, everyones doing so incredibly well, its an inspiration i'm glued to this sight now, at least i'm not thinkng of food ha ha ha

Thank you
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You have done great! Ditto on what the others say............. Ebay!
yes I agree the wording in the adverts I sold all my clothes on was " sadly no longer fit me" !!! and I sold EVERYTHING! literally........bras and all!! )
Ooh, that's sneaky! If you were being totally honest it should be worded "happily no longer fits me"!:)

Never thought about selling bras before, I have some very nice ones, but they're all looking very baggy on me now.
Clothes-Trying-On Update :- Just tried on my lovely red Ben Di Lisi cocktail dress that I bought for a posh Christmas "do" last year - it looks awful! It hangs off me now! Now, I REALLY don't want to part with it, I love this dress and have only worn it once. It would look fantastic now if it fitted me! Does anyone know whether it would be alterable? It's red chiffon, cut on the bias, with spaghetti straps and a red lining fabric underneath. The whole thing will need taking in at least two sizes. On second thoughts, I might as well forget it until I reach my target weight.

It's NOT going on ebay...yet... until I've found out whether it can be altered or not.:rolleyes:

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